Monday, January 30, 2012

Overheard in the Hudgins House

I've been watching too much of Keeping up with the Kardashians and trying to analyze why Chris & Kim got a divorce. Well, I'm still not sure why. But it seems like he likes to tell her how it is, and that is not how she likes to hear it. And marriage is not all butterflies and flowers...did she not know that? Speaking as a almost 4 year old veteran and having already encountered some bumps in the road, I think I have a bit of a perspective. So then I asked Billy...

Me: Was our wedding day the best day of your life?
Billy: Is this a trick question?
Me: No. To me, it wasn't the best day, but it was the most important day.
Billy: Good, because I couldn't wait for it to be over. I was sunburned and hungover. My best day was bringing home Patton.

Is this the same Patton that now thinks deer poop is like candy? And same dog that barks at our labrador wall calendar? YES.

Hahaha...well, it's a good thing that I'm not too sensitive. And I'm glad that we can agree on that. Not that our wedding was not wonderful, fun and everything I could have asked for. My best day would probably be with most of the same people that we celebrated our wedding with, but in a much more relaxed, and less attention on me type of day.

It's time for Menu Monday again. I went to the grocery store yesterday armed with my list, and didn't come home with a bunch of random items that don't add up to one dinner. We just got a new grocery store called Bottom Dollar Food and I was just can't buy things like deli meat, since they do not have a butcher. I left with almost everything I need for the week for under $50!

This week we have one repeat because the Spinach Chicken Casserole was such a huge hit. And Billy rarely raves about chicken. I am also excited about having it again!
More spinach with this quiche. I have never made quiche!
Salad with smoked halibut - I don't need a recipe for this, and I will put Billy to work on the smoker.
Jalepeno Popper Grilled Cheese - served with salad to add a little bit of health to it.

If anything is superb, I will be sure to report. You can count on the fact that none of the above meals will be difficult to make, or require many ingredients. I don't play those games!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I was chatting on the phone with a good friend last night, and while we both love our husbands dearly and wouldn't trade them for anything, I think we can agree....
Looking forward to seeing The Vow when it comes out. Love Rachel McAdams too. If I could only watch chick flicks for the rest of my life, I would die a happy woman.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nothing new to report...which can be good. But don't try the Crunchy Asian Salad posted on Monday. It tasted like lettuce dipped in salt. Other than, the menu has gone over very well this week. The only thing left to make is the pizza rolls, which sound great for a Friday! Billy will be sleeping in his truck in West Virginia tonight, so I'm sure he'll be happy to have a good meal when he comes home tomorrow.

So instead of talking about myself, which is mostly what blogs are, right? I am going to post some links to videos that I enjoyed throughout the week. Billy always asks where I find videos because he never has anything good in his arsenal and my answer is: I have no idea. I think I'm just better at social media than he is.

Ok, so I found this a few weeks ago, but I showed my coworker during lunch today and I died again:

This describes the current generation of college students. They need a new position in high schools called The Dream Crusher to avoid garbage like this:

The Sh*t People Say videos are everywhere, but I think this is one of the best:

And today's newest discovery: Pittsburgh Dad. If you hate the Ravens, you'll love this:

Monday, January 23, 2012

Menu Monday

I'm still at it...working on cooking more. As long as I plan before I go to the grocery store, it's not so bad. It doesn't take a gourmet meal to make Billy's just a little variety. I don't even really like to cook, so the easier and faster, the better. What I found last week, was that enjoying a healthy glass of Cab Sav while standing in the kitchen makes it a lot more enjoyable! So without further is Menu Monday....brought to you by Pinterest!

1. Soup in bread bowl...consumed while watching the Ravens loose! We don't like the Patriots either, but it was the lesser of the two evils.
2. Beef Stroganoff, but made with skillet steak instead of ground beef.
3. Chicken and spinach pasta casserole. Sneaking vegetables in like this is key.
4. Crunchy Asian Salad. Will probably need to incorporate meat somehow because I am married to a caveman.
5. Pizza rolls. I know it's not healthy, but everyone love pizza.

And then we'll round out the week with leftovers. The key with leftovers around here is not to ask if he wants them...just heat & serve. Almost four years of marriage later, I'm just now figuring all this out!

Highlights from this weekend include:
1. Getting balsamic vinegar in my eye. Don't try that at home.
2. Hemming a skirt on the sewing machine without any mishaps.
3. SNOW and lots of it!
4. Moneyball with Brad Pitt - I highly recommend it.
We still don't have a snow shovel...but it's supposed to hit almost 50 today, so it should all be melted by the time I get home!

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Thing Thursday

1. The way I go home has been closed for almost 2 weeks due to a rock slide...not going to find those in FL. So I have to take another way home through the ghetto and the road is called Brosville Road. Coincidence? Hmmm.

2. We're expecting a little snow for the next few days. I would ask for snow 10 times more than rain! It doesn't really affect anything around here and Patton gets less muddy outside.

3. Yes, my world does revolve around my dog. But I'm sure the feeling is mutual.

4. Just when I thought TV sitcoms were done for, Up All Night and The New Girl came out. When it's too gross during lunch to walk outside, my coworker and I shut ourselves in her office and watch episodes in hulu.

5. My NObama campaign starts today: If the Washington Post isn't even backing him, there is something wrong.

6. I'm about to go through the annual review process (after 5 months?) and my boss said no one would be getting raises? Pssshhh...I barely know what a raise is. I work in education and I got out of grad school in 2008...the economy has been terrible since then. At least I like my job!

7. Except when I tell students that they are dismissed from the university. There was one in particular this week that really bothered me and it wasn't my decision.

8. Going to DC last weekend was awesome. We reminisced about what our weekend would have been like 5 years ago(dancing, boozing, JumboSlice)...but I actually prefer the quality girl time of coffee, dinner, movies and getting our nails done.

9. So happy that I have girlfriends within a 1000 mile radius now!

10. The cooking quality dinner effort has continued into this week and I actually got Billy to eat a big salad! Yes, he usually has to be coaxed into eating vegetables. It's all in the presentation, people.

Happy almost Friday!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This weekend Billy told me he was tired of eating like a college student. Considering the size of my kitchen, the lack of a dishwasher and working, I don't really think I'm tired of it yet. Most of the time, it's just out of convenience. After I get home, and walk Patton, I'm starving and want to eat ASAP...which leads to the usual regimen of pasta, perogies, chicken, pizza or some version of easy pork.

So the past 2 nights, I decided to plan ahead and step it up. Thanks to pinterest, which has been the easiest way to find recipes, Monday was Stuffed pork tenderloin:And Tuesday was stuffed shells...mmmm...
These 2 dishes do technically fall into my go-to meal category, but they were a few steps up! After all was said and done, he admitted that making a regular dinner actually does take a long time. The thought crossed my mind of preparing them on the weekend, but is that how I want to spend my Sunday? Notsomuch. So maybe this will end up being a once or twice a week thing...I'll admit it would be nice to add a few more things to my aresenal! Bon appetit!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's face it: the weekend did not end well due to the Steelers loss to the Broncos last night. With all the injuries, I wasn't entirely surprised, and I think it's doubtful we would have made it much further with everyone being hurt and Ike Taylor running around. But all the haters out there...I mean, I like Tim Tebow too, but these weren't Bronco fans taunting us. Lauren pretty much said everything I wanted to say, and more.

We went over to Lisamarie and Aaron's house to watch the game and eat as much as possible in a three hour time span. I made Buffalo Chicken Dip and just thinking about it now makes me cringe at the number of calories I'm sure are in each bite. Good thing football season is over, so that will not go near my lips again until at least September. The good thing about their house is that we can bring Patton, and it is encouraged. They have 2 Dobermans and they play the entire time we're there. Patton also got a fun trip to Frick Park on Saturday and went for a swim. I know he misses the water in Florida! Number 493 reason why I love Pittsburgh is that there are so many parks within the city limits. Frick Park is over 500 acres, so we will definitely be going back....when it is a few degrees warmer!

The most fun part was the bath afterwards! There was no way we could bring him home as muddy as he was, so we stopped at the Dog Stop and used their bath tub. Apparently, I was the only one who thought this was fun!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Steelbow Prayer

O God, we beg Thee in Thy ineffable wisdom

To decide who you like better, Tebow or your Steelers Nation

Please let both teams play on Sunday without any inuries

Especially protect your Tebow from the onlsaught that will be upon him

When James Harrison, Lamarr Woodley and Troy Polamalu bring the onslaught,

And hit Timmy like he has never been hit before…please protect him…

He’s gonna need it

And may your mighty hand come down and deflect any passes he may get off prior to that

And we beg Thee, o Lord, may you bring speedy health and recovery to

Big Ben’s and Pouncey’s ankle, Woodley’s hammy…and the rest of the list that is too long to read

O Lord we ask you this day to channel the skill of Franco Harris to the body of Isaac Redman

The speed of Mike Wallace to Mike Wallace….never mind….thanks for hooking us up for that one

And the strengthy of Jerome Bettis to that Clay guy

We thank Thee O Lord for listening to our pleas in advance

And giving the Broncos fans the strength to fight through their post game tears

In the name of the Rooney’s Art, Dan and the other one


Apparently, if you try to buy tickets for this game online and put in your western PA zipcode, the website won't let you purchase tickets. The Broncos coach is also telling Broncos fans to not sell their tickets to Steelers fans! Oh yeah, it's Tebow Time!

Monday, January 2, 2012


The adventure begins! Actually, it began the week before Christmas, when I decided that I couldn't stand to look at the erratically cut lace curtains in my kitchen anymore and I bought some fabric to sew some new curtains by hand. I guess I did a decent job, and the lines on the plaid helped. Remember, when it comes to me and crafting, keep your standards low.
Look at the snow!

Lo and behold, the very next week, I am gifted a sewing machine by my parents for Christmas! We took it out after Christmas to do a few stitches and the basic skills from when I was younger came back. But I decided before I get busy, I should take a class. So during my last day of Christmas vacation freedom, I went to Joann's for a Sewing101 class. Lucky me - I was the only one there! The instructor was great and told me that I had sewing machine intuition. Whatever that means. Our project was a pillow case, so she showed me around the store, explained the different types of fabrics, threads and needles. Ninety minutes later, here was the product!
The unfortunate part was that at the class, I used one of the store's sewing machines, so I didn't really learn how to use mine. But I came home with some fabric, and the hardest part is really threading the bobbin. Which, by the way, Billy did for me, with no instructions. Hmmm. After that, I was in business and finished two pillows for our windowsill bench!
And for any Alpha Phis reading this: yes, that is my crest sweatshirt. It shall never die.
I told the instructor today that I was not a perfectionist and I meant it. I only had white thread, when I probably should have used brown thread. But I went to work anyway, and you really can't tell. I like crafting, but I also like to get the job done.

So...not too bad for the first day on the job! I plan to go back for more classes. She said next, she'll teach me about zippers. Whoa - we're really making progess ladies!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

A few days ago, Billy called me and told me to meet him, his boss and his boss's family at a neighborhood restaurant in 15 minutes. I had to admit to him that I had not showered(hello-it's vacation) and I was in my dog walking clothes. He agreed that he did not want to bring an ugly wife to meet his boss.

So instead, he ups the ante and made plans to celebrate New Year's Eve with his boss and his wife. No pressure, right?! It actually ended up being very enjoyable and I got to wear my new Kate Spade earrings and bracelet from my MIL.
2011 ended much better than it started and we're excited for 2012. I think I've learned that no matter what happens, we have plenty to be thankful for! Cheers to a new year and new adventures!