Wednesday, September 28, 2011

People at work are calling me "Cankle". This wasp sting has left quite a mark! I can't even put on shoes without my foot popping out of them like a loaf of bread. It is swollen, itchy and awful. I called the school nurse and she said it's normal. Well it doesn't look normal to me! It's been over 3 days since the sting and I think it might be shrinking a little bit. I'll spare you the pictures. I'm taking benadryl and icing my ankle/foot during the day under my desk.

I hit the jackpot today at the grocery store - I saved over $50 with regular weekly sales, a couple coupons and my fuel rewards that we have been earning by pumping gas there. If I were to do it over, I would actually buy more because of the savings. With anything, it will take time to learn the best way to work the system. This grocery store also doubles coupons under $1 every day! It puts Publix to shame, that is for sure! I get a serious high when I save that much mula and then like to come home to show Billy all my good deals. What a dork.

Someone at work told me that Pittsburgh is becoming known as East Hollywood. While I don't totally believe that, it does seem like a lot of movies are behind filmed here recently. Tom Cruise is here now and there is a hilarious blog written as if it were Suri Cruise's blog and she apparently did not like PGH: Pittsburgh is known for bridges, steel manufacturing, and other boring things primarily handled by the working class. This is mostly true and even Billy liked to label the houses in the city by this. The houses, he thinks all fall into 3 categories: blue collar, middle management and upper management. Especially in the city - they all look the same and appear to have been within the same couple years during the steel boom. I'm SO glad that we didn't buy a home here and it will be good that we rent first so we can get a good lay of land, and hopefully learn where the good houses are!

Monday, September 26, 2011

First of all, I got stung by a wasp this weekend and it hurt. Then it didn't hurt, and now it's back to itching and hurting. I went to bed last night with the chills and bodyache. I don't know if this is related to the sting or not...but I actually got Billy to walk the dog this morning by acting pathetic about it all.

Our morning routine usually goes something like this:
6:00 My alarm goes off and I go downstairs to feed/water the dog & pour myself coffee. I am finally smart enough to preset the coffee maker the night before so it is ready when I wake up.
6:05 Check email, facebook, blogs, etc....
6:30 Pour Billy's coffee and deliver/wake him up
6:35 Walk dog
7:00 Shower
7:15 Make breakfast for self and Billy
7:25 Make lunch(es)
7:30 Makeup/hair/clothes
8:00 Take Patton out for one last pee
8:05 Leave for work

Notice any trends? How about I do everything and Billy does nothing? This weekend, I told him he needed to try to start taking his lunch to work and he told me he would only if I made it, and it was good. And then he started with his specifications...hoagie rolls, good mayo, onions, lettuce, etc. I asked him what he plans on doing in the mornings. He had no comment worth acknowledging here.

The old rule of ours in FL was that I take care of the inside things and he would take care of the outside things like the pool/yard. But now that we don't have anything to do outside, I really must figure out a way to share in all the morning excitement! You better believe that I will not be the one scraping the ice off my car - that is for sure!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Oh my what an afternoon. I almost went off the deep end. I've never had so many things happen within the span of 60 minutes! I am thankful that I had something fun to do for the evening, or else I am sure I would have been wallowing in my sorrows by myself - well, and with some ice cream. I got home and I see some people that clearly don't live on my street hanging out in front of my house. Looking back, I should have just kept driving - or not gotten out of the car until they left. But I did and they said some inappropriate things to me as I was walking up my steps. Once I got inside, I debated on whether or not to let Patton out - bc he is a big dog and a lot of people are afraid of him. But he is also sometimes a wuss, so I didn't want anyone to see him spazz out and totally ruin his credibility. Instead, I tried to get him to bark...which he did not. I then tried to find the spare key so I could get ready to take him for a walk. The hoodlums has since left. But I could not find the doggone key! My blood pressure continues to rise...but we finally got down to the park and there were the usual friendly neighbors there.

Since I have no upper body strength, I drop kick the tennis ball instead of throwing it. Some crazed dog tried to grab the ball as I was kicking it and I kicked her in the head! I felt TERRIBLE. It is a good thing I had sunglasses on bc I started to cry I felt so awful...and perhaps it was a combination of the earlier incidents. After a while, we get ready to leave, and this very aggressive and bully Husky comes barelling down the hill and tries to attack my baby Patton! I had had it and screamed! Which I NEVER do! But...I don't think his owner even noticed. So we trudge home and then I can't find my cell phone. So I proceed to think that the hoodlums have come into my house with the missing spare key and taken my cell phone. After a couple minutes of freaking out, Billy calls - which helps me locate the phone. He was freaking out bc the last time he talked to me, the perpetrators were outside and then he didn't hear from me for almost an hour!

Maybe these things wouldn't ruffle any feathers with some people...but it was just one thing after another that brought me to the breaking point! I was thankful though, to throw on some clothes and head to a super delicious meal at Melissa's house! Having built in friends here is just so awesome. It makes all the difference! I already have more friends than I did in Florida!

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's been a month now! A month in Pennsylvania already - and a whole month at my job. It is still great! I work less hours and I'm home by 5 every day - it is glorious! Our house still isn't all the way put away yet though...our closet space is seriously lacking, so about half my clothes are still sitting on the guest bed. I'm on the lookout for a dresser on craigslist, but no luck so far.

It was a whirlwind weekend bc I had to drop Billy off at the airport at 6am on Sunday! He saw Jerome Bettis in first class on his flight through! On Saturday we had to head to Latrobe to drop off his truck, and Lisamarie and Aaron stopped by the dealership to say hi on their way to something for her school. She still can't believe that we see each other often now...but I told her this is life now! Now we're here!

I can say the downside of us being here is dealing with out bipolar tenants in Florida. Seriously. They called us at 10:30 on Friday night to tell us about a broken pipe. Which turned out to be just the faucet on the bathtub falling off. And then they continue to write us emails about how we knew about these "plumbing problems." Idiots. If we knew there we issues, don't you think we would have fixed them before? Because now we have to pay through the nose to have them fixed from 1,500 miles away. But today they were nice and we'll see what tomorrow brings! I just pray that we can sell the house next summer because I don't like being a slumlord!

On Sunday I met an old coworker from FL who was in town

for breakfast in the Strip District. We went to a place that was featured on Man vs. Food an dannnng it was good! I didn't take time to explore all the vendors, but I definitely plan to go back soon. I also made a rookie mistake on Sunday. Not wearing yellow and gold! I felt like such a tool even in the grocery store bc I swear I was the only one not dressed for the game! Never again, my friends.

Patton loves when we're home alone because I let him on the couch!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It was chilly and raining this morning and realized the value or seat warmers(which I have) and rain boots(which I don't have)! Flip flops in 50 degree wet weather don't work so well! I did have a trench coat and an umbrella, which made it a bit more bearable on my walk from the parking garage to my building. My coworker commented on my coat, which got me thinking about how I got it...eight years ago! My college boyfriend actually gave it to me as a gift...after he broke his collarbone in one of his drunken escapades. His dad, who had similar drinking issues learned that gifts work well to make up for being a drunken idiot and suggested he buy me a nice present. I'm glad I kept the jacket, and not the boy!

Which brings me to something poignant from this past weekend. My dad told me that he thought I could have done in picking a husband. Most girls would be supremely offended and hurt, but trust me, I have heard worse in these past 28 years. He did follow it up to say that he is thankful that Billy treats me so well and he likes having him as a son in law. While that is true, I think most dads probably have higher expectations for their daughters. Most probably don't say it to their daughters though! I know everything has not been coming up roses for the past three years, but I don't regret my decision for a minute!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I've been waiting to see some pictures from this past weekend to post, but so far there are none. All in all, it was a great weekend! I was able to spend more time with my future SIL, who I had only met once before, meet new people and spend some time with my mom. The beach was beautiful and the house we stayed in was perfect! We went out to dinner both nights and on the 2nd night, we decided to head to Senor Frogs afterwards. If you ever want to see Myrtle Beach's finest, I suggest you visit this establishment. I fit in quite well - in my khakis! Gahh I felt so old! And the music...most I never heard of! What has happened since I got married?!?! It was fun though, and obviously entertaining! By the end, we had all basically just quit and bought a bottle of water. It's good to know what I'm missing out there, though!

And then my dear husband came to pick me up at the airport in the truck he bought without telling me. Initially, I was not a happy camper...bc obv I like to be involved in all decisions! But I'm over it and it is a good looking vehicle and I am confident he got the best deal possible. While I was gone, he also ate so much pizza he made himself sick. I am not surprised.

This weekend is the first Steelers home game and I'm excited to see it from up on our mountain! Even last week, everyone I saw was wearing a jersey...and of course walking around like a pissed of zombie by the end of the game. The girl I work with says she wears kids jerseys, so I'm going to have to check that out!

Go Steelers! Go Pirates!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I can't believe we've only been here for 2.5 weeks! It feels like so much longer and we still are really liking it! Last night I worked late and then stayed later for an Alpha Phi meeting and didn't get home until after 10pm! We have been getting up before 6am every day, so I am beat! It's still all pretty fun and new, so we have no complaints!

Labor Day weekend went by in a flash. Saturday was nearly 95 degrees - and we have no a/c in the house! We put our window unit in the window of the dining room and then blocked off the living room and dining room doors with sheets. We were feeling a little w/t, but also a little cooler! By the time Monday rolled around, it was rainy and mid-60s! We got a lot done though - went to Ikea, Lowe's, etc and hung curtains, I MADE curtains and did some painting. Our landlords said they would pay for our pain and anything else we wanted to do to the house, so that is a bonus! We also test drove a Jeep Wrangler for we really need 2 Jeeps? I agree he needs a car with 4wd, but we'll see what else is out there...

I only work 3 days this week, bc I'm going to my future SIL's bridal shower in Myrtle Beach for the weekend. I expect it to be a little different than the girls' weekends I'm accustomed to, mostly because I don't know anyone. My mom will be there though, so it will be nice to walk on the beach and get some tan before I am officially up north for the winter! I'm sure Billy and Patton have some big parties planned for when I'm gone.

Nothing else exciting for now...until next time...GO PIRATES!