Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Awkward Work Moments

I sat down in my desk this morning, realizing the slit of my skirt was on the side - when it is supposed to be in the back! Don't worry, I already walked across campus for the world to see.

I cut a minivan off in traffic yesterday, only then to realize she pulled into my university, then also into my garage, and then appeared in my elevator after lunch. I recognize her, but I hope she doesn't recognize me. As if my Florida plates didn't give it away...ugh.

The cleaning lady comes in every morning and I don't know why, but it makes me uncomfortable. I feel bad clacking away on my keyboard while she takes out my trash. I try to make small talk, but it is always so awkward.

I walked into my office to find another lady on my computer getting files. Only to find out she was the temp for this position, but didn't get hired on full time - and I got the job instead. Umm...hello.

This is my life. Awkwardd!

Monday, August 29, 2011

It's been a week and these northern folk have not scared us off yet! I still sort of can't believe this is our home now. And that it is the end of August and this chilly. I have been walking Patton in long sleeves. I'm sure this time next year, I will have adjusted and be wearing a tank top in 65 degree weather like the rest of these Pennsylvanians.

We had a fun weekend with some house work, went to see our friends in Latrobe and then had lunch with MG & Corey and their baby that I make subtle hints about adopting. I can only hope that I have such a cute and well behaved bebe one day! It's so wonderful to have friends here already!

I am not so good at making new ones, as Billy always reminds me. Last week though, I did start to talk to a girl in the dog park, which is VERY rare! And tonight, I talked to our neighbor behind us and Billy made me give him a play by play of the conversation so he could approve. It's like he thinks I'm some shut in who can't interact! Meanwhile, he's hiding in the house because he'd covered in poison ivy! Literally, covered! It looks so awful, I can barely look at it!

Four more work days, then two 3 day weekends in a row! My only hope is that I can catch a glimpse of Bret Michaels at Rib Fest this weekend. A girl can dream! ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hooray for the 100th post - and it's a big one! The first post as a Pennsylvanian! We arrived last Saturday after 18.5 hours in the car. We split the trip up, but it seemed to take forever! And the 2nd day, while technically it was shorter, it seemed so much longer because I had to concentrate so hard on driving up and down and around the mountains of West Virginia. Thanks goodness it is over! We also had a little bit of a rocky first day in the neighborhood, with a cranky next door neighbor and me spotting some kid trying to get into all of the
cars on our street. But once I started work on Monday, everything was great! I really like my new job and everyone is so nice. A far cry from my old office. Even the students are polite!

Melissa brought us a MUCH appreciated dinner, we have started exploring our neighborhood and we finally took some pictures because our family has been asking so many questions! We are so happy to be here! The weather is perfect right now - we don't have air conditioning and there isn't even a need for it! It is glorious!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I've heard that moving is the most stressful time in a person's life. Things are actually getting a little less stressful as we get closer, but these weeks leading up to now have been HIGH tension. The two big obstacles we have had are finding a place to live in PA and renting out our home in FL. Thankfully, we sign a lease to rent out our house down here today! And the bonus is that they want to move in this weekend, rather than waiting until the first. Billy toyed with the idea of just letting them move in, rent free. He is FAR too generous. Even our realtor thought he was crazy. Billy is always trying to give our stuff away. I'm like, no - I can sell that on craigslist!! This is just another example of how we balance each other out. And argue about everything. I think he was just so happy to get some seemingly normal people in though! One guy has in a wheelchair and wanted to modify our doorways and bathroom, another couple couldn't pay the first last and security, some didn't want to work through our realtor - obv they didn't want to run a credit/background check, and quite a few wanted to move in with their extended family. Yeah, I don't think I want my home to be a haven for undocumented citizens.

Another BONUS about moving to PA is that our auto insurance is being cut my more than HALF! Thank you very much all you uninsured, old, crazy, foreign Florida drivers. You can have your overpriced premiums!

Two days left! We picked up the moving truck this morning and Billy will start packing it up today! My face is a lovely shade of pale with a spattering of breakout from all the stress. Looking forward to a month from now when we're all settled!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just a few days left! My Boynton Beach bff came over for one last wine guzzle. Five people came to see our house last night and we expect an offer today. Please please please! There are some pretty bizarre people out there, let me tell you. And more people have bad credit than I assumed - people that look just like our parents...but you really never know what happens behind closed doors. Everyone has a story! I was talking to someone last week about how facebook has every duped. People(including myself) only put the good things up, and the prettiest pictures. That isn't reality and sometimes I believe it is! I'm sure everyone fights with their husbands sometimes or wants what they can't have...but who is going to post that?!?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tying up loose ends...

Last night my friend, Lauren came over for a stroll in the park. So great to catch up - until we were chased by a duck on a rampage! She chased us for a good 200 meters! She actually got me on the back of the leg twice before I realized what was happening! Even as I took this picture, she was waddling toward us!
Once we were home, I payed it forward by giving Lauren my bike, most of our beach chairs and some clothes. We are seriously purging - which is something I have a tough time with. I keep thinking, but I might wear it again! The truth is, if I haven't worn it in 2 years, I probably will not wear it. So out the door it goes. And the bike? I haven't ridden it since we moved here - and with all the mountains and hills, it's very unlikely I'll ride it in PA. Over the past month, we have slowly been giving our stuff away. If I had thought we'd be getting rid of so much, I would have just had a garage sale! But I guess we're paying it forward. People have been so generous to us over the past 3 years, maybe it's our turn to start dong our part!

This weekend's goal: get boxes and start packing! Oh, and convince Billy to go see The Help with me. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The word is out! It is official: we're moving to PITTSBURGH! It is a HUGE life change, but we're excited. The one and only thing I think we'll miss about South Florida is the water and warm weather. This has been in the works for nearly three months and I'm still in awe that it is happening. I have my dear friend, Melissa to thank for all of this because she thought of us when an opening came available in her husband's company. At first we thought, Pittsburgh? Could we? We can and we are! Don't think for a minute that the Steelers didn't make it more appealing! We did our research too though. Last year, Forbes rated Pittsburgh as America's Most Livable City because of low unemployment, low crime, income growth, low cost of living and art/leisure. Sounds like a winner to me!
This past weekend, Billy went up to find us a place to live and found slim pickins! Until this morning, we thought we had a place secured. We received an email saying that a bidding war was taking place with the applicants that were told they were not chosen for the house and they asked us if we wanted to top the last bid AND add in an additional deposit for the dog. No, thanks. Even though the house was super cute and updated(which is a RARE find up there), it was in a "transitional" neighborhood. I don't really care about transitional neighborhoods unless I'm there AFTER the transition. So we dropped back and punted to house #3 - it's close to my work and has a lovely view of the city and stadium. No dishwasher though - hmmm.

T-minus 10 days until we hit the road! We have a call into our realtor to ask him why he hasn't gotten our house rented yet!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Thank You

I was home alone last night, watching The Marriage Ref on NBC and was laughing out loud! You know it's funny - or relatable when you're laughing in an empty room. The panelists were Joel McHale, Rachel Dratch and Cedric the Entertainer. Whoever was the most right gets a billboard in their hometown stating that they were right. If only we had a marriage ref in our house! One of the disputes was about thank you cards - the wife allegedly writes nearly 1000 cards a year! She has boxes and boxes of greeting cards and they voted the husband right on this one, saying that the wife was too over the top. I have to say that I disagree. The art of the mailed card is being lost and I am such a stickler for thank you cards. I wrote my wedding thank yous on my honeymoon! And believe me, if I've given you a wedding or baby gift and I didn't get a thank you back, I REMEMBER. It's not like I give them to receive a thank you, I just think it is common courtesy and I am always surprised when people don't even let you know that they have received the gift! A great place to buy cute cards is Michael's - they always have packs of 8 or 10 in the dollar bins near the front.

I know my mom trained us from a young age to always write thank yous and I am now grateful for it! Billy's family is always commenting on how thoughtful it is that I always send cards, but it's just not in their family culture. It's the opposite with my family! They would be heated if I missed a holiday or birthday and didn't send a card!

Anyway - The Marriage Ref - watch it!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Just some things....

Obviously, it's hot. But down here is South Florida, it's not as hot as every where else for the only time of the year. Summers down here are actually bearable. Not for Patton though! He's got a fur coat on! When we got for walks, he runs from shadow to shadow, to stay in the shade. He's a smart one!

I had another episode of my head throbbing so much that I couldn't even see the computer screen on Tues/Wed. Thank God that is over! I didn't know what it was until my boss said that stress is more powerful than we realize. She said her eye starts twitching uncontrollably and that is when she takes it down a notch. Deep breaths!

Billy had to travel this week for a wedding in DC tomorrow and then needed his car to take care of some other things and stayed at the cheapest hotel possible. I didn't even KNOW you could get a Howard Johnson's for $30. That would NOT be happening if I was there. I would rather sleep in the car! Billy typically has champagne taste, so I'm surprised he made that choice!

Two cheers for Home Depot! We asked if they gave military discounts and the answer was YES - even for inactive vets! So we have been homeowners for over 2 years without knowing about this! Jackpot!

I've turned my past 2 weeks of homework in late. I have never turned anything in late! Obviously, my head is elsewhere! The last assignment is due Saturday - I can do it! On time!

That is all for now!