Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Just another cute story I want written down...

At Will's pediatrician appointment last week, the doctor needed to look in his ears and mouth.  Most toddlers I know won't let that just happen.  So being the baby whisperer that she is, the dr. told Will that Elmo was in his ear and she needed to see him. Lo and behold, he let her take a look! Then she said Cookie Monster was in his left ear, and Big Bird was in his mouth and she needed to see them.  He was such an easy patient after that!

For the rest of the day, he kept pointing to his ear and asking me, "Mo?" - as in Elmo.  Several days later now, he still remembers it, so today, I tried to tell them that they moved back to Sesame Street.  He did not buy it!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Will at 21 Months

What a fun little boy we have!  He makes us laugh so much.  And those terrible two tantrums are peeking through too, I can't lie.  And trying to guess what he's saying...it's like a game of charades.  The other day he was trying to tell me, "bagel" but what I heard was "bowl" and boy he was not happy about that!  So I think I have that "ba-yu" term committed to memory now.
Another "funny" moment was our trip to SAMs this weekend.  I let Will hold the umbrella on the way in.  When we got inside and in the cart, I told him it was time to close the umbrella.  Well, he was not a fan of that idea!  So, there I was, that parent, with a screamer for the next 3 minutes.  Then I realized I had raisins and that was the end.  Always carry snacks.  That's the rule now.  

Will had a nice meeting of his face with the concrete at the pool last week.  Those scratches look like Mike Tyson's face tattoo.  
We went to a much bigger pool today, without a gated toddler area and I might as well have worn sneakers because I was running after this dare devil constantly.  And he just laughs and thinks its a game!  I promptly ordered a life jacket online.

Will discovered shadows last week.  He points to mine and says, "Mommy" and points to his and says, "you".  I guess the English language is pretty confusing.  I refer to him as "you", so why would he call himself, "me"?

For a month now, I have not been able to get this kid to drink anything but milk!  Not water, juice...nothing but milk!  It started when we began our 2 week journey mid-June and I can't break him of it.  So now when we're out, I also tote around a little lunchbox with an ice pack and milk.  Oh, the things we do for them!

Everything is green and we have two of them.  
"Will, what color is this?"  
"Geen!" (It could be purple)
"Will, how many ducks do you have?"
"Two!" (There are three)
He has started organizing toys and lining them up.  I looked up the other day and all of his Little People were lined up on the train table staring at me.  Same thing with his stuffed animals in his crib.

He says Heidi's name a lot and points to his belly when he says it sometimes, too.  Not quite, bud!

We head to the pediatrician later this week and my guess is that he's still just over 30lbs but has certainly grown taller.  He is growing out of his 2t pajamas and most of his size 6 shoes.  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kitchen Reno

Still a lot to be finished up, including countertops and moulding, but the change so far is amazing!

First there was a wall:

Then no wall!

Not sad to say goodbye to old cabinets, a sagging ceiling, laminate flooring and a plastic sink.  Will is especially pumped about the crushed ice option with the new fridge.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

24 weeks

Baby Heidi is now about a foot long and just over 1 pound.  Seems pretty skinny to me, so she has about four months left to fatten up.
(Will with a mouthful of fig newton)

We've been in NC for over a week now and Billy/Patton come tomorrow.  Traveling with Will is generally not easy, but here, they have 2 high chairs, 3 cribs, tons of toys and books, and under the house is nice and shady for us to play in the afternoons.  Will's sleep isn't much different than home(terrible all the time) but here, there aren't any black out curtains, so he's up before 6 just about every morning.  

He calls my mom Gram-Gram and my dad, Gaamp.  We'll see if they stick, but it's pretty cute right now.  During this extended stay, they're also getting to see all sides of Will: the whining, crying and stubbornness too.  Billy keeps asking if they want us to leave yet.  I'm pretty sure the answer is no.