Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Trains and Automobiles

We made it!  Will and I made it to our final destination: Grandma's house.  So much more fun than our house.  Helicopters, airplanes, boats, frogs, THE BEACH!  It was quite a trip here though.  On Friday, Billy dropped Patton off at the boarder and we loaded up the Tahoe to head to DC for his buddy's wedding.  Such an easy drive and we got to Aunt Connie's house near Dupont Circle in almost record time.  Nana came over, and Will had so much fun running around her five floors of house and her backyard park.  After he went to bed, Billy and I even had a chance to take a stroll around our old stomping grounds and remember what it was like to be young, and not go to bed at 9:30. 

Cue: Crazy Saturday.  We woke up to rain, but walked around with Will in the stroller a bit anyway.  Around lunch, Billy hopped on the Metro to Bethesda and I headed to Falls Church to drop Will off with Georgia.  Luckily, he caught a nap en route and I somehow got him into her house while still sleeping.  I seriously never have that kind of luck!  After some time for him to get acquainted with his surroundings, I tearfully left him in really the best of hands!  The pictures GA sent for the next few hours showed me that he was having way more fun without me!  I was able to make it back up to Bethesda to get ready, attempted to straighten my unruly hair, and get to the church just in find standing room only!  Pregnant in heels is not my game!  A very nice man insisted I take his seat, so I obliged.  The ceremony was AN HOUR and mostly in Armenian.  I should have really just taken a nap in the hotel.  Two and a half hours of waiting around later, I got through my salad and decided I didn't know any of the 300 people there, and headed back to Georgia and Will.  Good decision and one which should have been made much earlier!

Sunday morning, we played with the munchkins before Will and I went to retrieve his extremely hungover father at the hotel.  We then set out to Bristow to see the Gellners and their new addition and the rest of the crew.  Will had a blast terrorizing their Boston Terrier!  A good time was had by all, and then we headed 50 miles back east, to check into our Union Station hotel.  We lucked out and found a pizza place and a playground to spend our time before bath/bed for Will.  Bonus: overnight parking in our hotel was $50!  We found a place for half the price around the corner.  Seriously, we aren't in West Virginia anymore!

Monday: We packed up our things, went for a walk around town with Will(the kid was beside himself with all the trucks and buses) and headed to Union Station to check in for Will and my train ride to NC.  We had no idea what to expect.  After seeing the 100 person line for the train to NY, Billy arranged for a service which allowed him to walk us to the train door, before anyone else was permitted to board.  Will screamed until I broke out the cheez-its and he realized he was ON A TRAIN!  Like Thomas!  I could have had him ride on my lap, but on Amtrak, kids ride for half price, so for both of us, the price was $100.  Two seats was absolutely the way to go and there was SO much more room than an airplane!  We could also easily walk between cars, sit in the dining car, and generally roam free.  Five hours was a bit long, but I was able to get him to nap for over an hour.  Overall, two thumbs up to Amtrak to get us to NC.

So now we're here.  Our kitchen at home is being renovated over the next week or so, so it just made sense to come down here.  We had planned to be down here a week later anyway, and Billy/Patton will join us for the regularly scheduled vacation.  So far, we have gone to the library for story time, the beach, and tomorrow we're headed to the aquarium!  Looking forward to this extended time in our favorite place to be!

Monday, June 9, 2014

21 weeks

So I don't have a 21 week comparison from last time, but I think we're good for here on out.  Billy is convinced that we will have less pictures and documentation of baby #2 and he's probably right!
Our neighborhood pool opens this week and I am pumped! I have a sweet farmer's tan that I need to get rid of by next weekend's wedding.  I know summer just started, but I'm already dreading the end of it!  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

City mouse to country mouse

When we moved to this little corner of West Virginia, I ran into a few people in Pittsburgh who actually knew of this area, and all told me there was nothing to do here.  I have found that to be so untrue!  We don't have the big museums of a big city, but there is an active community here, to be sure!
This morning, I went to a Mommy and Me fitness class with Will, which was pretty hilarious.  Any other day of the week, you could find us at one of two library's story time, Kindermusik, MOPS, Moms Club, DAR, Gymniks(like little gym) or even a church activity.  A park is being renovated a block from our house, where movie nights will start this month, there are farmers markets, strawberry fields, ferry rides, an art museum with kid and adult classes, trails, pools, and endless parks.
Now, with a grain of salt, I really cannot speak to the adult life here.  I've been nursing or pregnant pretty much the entire time we've lived here and we have never hired a babysitter. Lame, I know!  But for being a small area, in this state that has a certain reputation, I am seriously impressed.  

Monday, June 2, 2014

20 weeks

Halfway there.  Twenty weeks down now and time is going fast!  Being pregnant in the summer is great, because of shorts, sandals, and loose clothing!  I would feel like a sausage in winter, I think.

I told my mom yesterday that I thought I was smaller this time around, but judging from these two pictures, it appears that I am mistaken!