Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What a slacker I have been.  I've just been in a fog.  This weekend, everyone was sick and it was miserable.  I felt awful, but went for a walk both days bc a) Will wouldn't nap, b) it was beautiful out and c) men are the most annoying sick people.  So now Will is better, Billy is mostly better, and my nose still feels like it is full of cement.


So here are some things:
-Billy thought he would reheat some left overs in a Pyrex casserole dish on the stove.  Good thing Will and I were not in the kitchen when it EXPLODED! Glass everywhere: in the dog bowls, the sink, the high chair, etc. Downside is that I need a new dish. Upside is that I got a cleaned kitchen!
-Will is/was getting up btwn 4:30 and 5am. I have been going to bed about 8:30 to ready for the mornings. On Saturday, Billy Got up with him and I heard Will crying for nearly an hour. Turns out he wanted pretzels for breakfast and Billy obviously wouldn't let him. And then I was instructed to never bring them in this house again!  
-We finally cut cable!  Through signing in to my mom's HBOgo through the Roku and Billy's mom's Netflix, we're pretty set for now. Thomas and Sesame Street are still available! So we'll be good until football season, when we'll need an antenna for local tv.  
-I have sold about $150 worth of stuff on ebay this month! Jeans I haven't worn in years, unopened perfume, a camera and an oxford shirt! I'm on a roll!
-Sometimes it is so hard not to laugh when Will is doing something wrong. When he opens the fireplace doors, we tell him to shut them, and then he turns around and starts applauding himself. Not quite, kiddo.
-I took Will to the library last week, thinking he would like to look at some new books. What he really wanted to do was take every book off the shelf. Maybe next time! 
-If you have time, read this about the evolution of parenting with Jerry Seinfeld. My favorite part is about his bedtime story: darkness. :)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Have you ever overdosed on chocolate? I think I did on Saturday. My method of getting chocolate out of the house is to eat it as fast as possible, so then it's gone. Genius, I know. This lead to a huge stomach ache and headache and now the rest is in the trash! We got a box from my mom earlier in the week, and then one from Billy's mom in Friday. Too much of a good thing!!

And yes, it snowed again. I took Will for a wagon ride and he was holding his hand out in the snow banks like you would do riding a boat with your hand in the wake. And then of course, he wanted to eat the snow.
I've slowed down on all the pictures because I ran out of room on my phone and need to figure out how to store them, or really what to do with them all!

In other news, we bought 30lbs of shredded cheese at Sam's this weeknd!

Enjoy the warm!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Here we go again

So here are a few back-dated posts.  I'm not nearly as consistent as I was two years ago. It could have to do with not sitting at a desk eight hours a day.  And the pictures probably won't be as good either, because I'm certainly not dressed for the day by the time Billy leaves for work, so he can't be my photographer with our real camera. So fair warning.  

Feb 11
Two years, to the day that I found out I was pregnant with Will, I found out I was pregnant with baby #2.  Billy left this morning for a 2 day work trip, so the only other person who knows is Will.  I'm going to the mall to buy a "Big Brother" tshirt after Will wakes up from his nap, and I think that is how I will tell Billy on Thursday.  The estimated due date, is the same as Will's due date.
Some things that are gong through my mind:
Two in diapers?
I better figure out a way to get Will to nap without rocking him bc soon I will be too big and then who will have time for that?
I will be the only one in our family without an October birthday. Even Patton was born in Oct!
Heartburn. I know it's coming!
Bob Duallie, I have my eye on you!

March 21
9.5 weeks already! It's been a doozie.  I'm exhausted and I have been vomiting a lot more often than I did with Will.  I lost my dinner for three nights in a row this week.  Even small meals like an orange. I have been wondering how women have 4-5(or nineteen!). So hopefully just a few more weeks of misery!  We have the first ultrasound next week and Lisamarie is coming from PA to watch Will.  After bringing him to our first appointment last month, we decided to try to never bring him back!

March 25
On the way home from Bible Study, I had to pull over into a used car lot to vomit. Later, when Will woke up from his nap, he wouldn't stop crying and wouldn't eat. He would stay still long enough to get his temperature either. So off to the pediatrician we went, to find out he had a fever with a double ear infection. Cue: Grandma(my mom) to the rescue! I had to cancel Lisamarie's visit bc of Will's illness, but luckily, Spirit was flying the next day direct to WV for only $20!

March 27
Everyone is feeling better and we got our first look at our new baby on the ultrasound. Everything is looking good, which we are so thankful for! Even better, Mom could stay with Will why we went to the appointment!

April 1
I thought the vomiting was behind me. April fool's! This time, in front of 1/2 the women in Bible Study while loading up the car. But really, what better place than in front of a bunch of moms? 11 weeks hoping and praying the end of the sickness is near, two kids is IT after this mess!

April 22
14 weeks now and out of the first trimester! We head to the dr again on Fri.  Below is a little comparison. Certainly, a little bigger this time.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Last post with snow?

So yes, there is more snow.  These poor school kids around here have missed close to 15 days already.  I think everyone is pretty much over it.  It's pretty, and I don't mind, as long as it does not mess up my plans!  We made it home from church just in time yesterday.
 Family fun weekend included Will's 2nd real haircut, and making his first fort.  The haircut...I warned Billy that there would be screaming.  He let Will touch the clippers and get used to them first, so it was more bearable than the first time at Great Clips.  He was still pretty wriggly and Billy definitely needs to work on trimming around the ears. I'm going to spare Will, and not post a picture of that massacre!  I'm just glad his little friends can't talk!

Last week, I bought a book of stickers at the Dollar Store and Will loves to put them in his coloring book.  It was all fun and games until he tried to eat them.  Of course, crying ensued.  Have you seen the site, Reasons My Son is Crying?  I could post daily on this, I believe.  He also cries because I will not let him eat: dog food, toilet paper(any paper), rocks, and mulch.  Yes, the mulch really puts a damper on trips to the park.

New things this week:
Will says "neigh" for horse and can sign for "please" - although he surely doesn't understand the concept of manners yet!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Good morning, more snow!

Good thing we finally bought a snow shovel! We got about six inches last night! We probably should not have gone out to our friend's Super Bowl party, but didn't realize that it was going to snow so early.  We left for home right before half time and it was pretty slow driving home. Will crashed as soon as we got in the car- there were 17 kids at the party and he was loving it! He also got into some hot Scentsy wax and made a we told them to keep our Squares winnings ($100!) to have their couch and carpet cleaned. Eesh!

Billy took Will out for the first time alone this weekend-woohoo! They dropped me off to get my haircut and they went to stock up on beer and meat at Sam's. Everything was just fine, and I left them stocked with raisins just in case. Hopefully this will lead to many more boys outings!

Will was pushing through his last 2 teeth(until his 2yr molars) and had a constant runny nose that he became raw under his nose. His diaper rash ointment cured it so quickly!  I'm so happy to be done with teething for a while!

New this week is saying "boo" when referring to a book, "bit" for ribbit-a frog sound and attempting to jump. The jumping is really funny to watch...he does not even get off the ground!

Here's to another snow day and being stranded at home!