Tuesday, September 25, 2012

37 Weeks

Size: A winter melon or swiss chard.  What are those?  19 inches and about 6 pounds.

Interesting fact: He is considered full term now.  I sort of reject that idea, because so much brain development happens between now and 40 weeks.  But I guess I get it - his lungs are developed and he'd be fine if he was born now.

Symptoms: Tired.  So tired.  Even though I sleep a lot at night.  Now some brown splotches on my face, lovely.

Maternity clothes: I found this dress under the guest room bed this weekend- I bought it in the beginning, but forgot I had it! 

Cravings: Last night was chicken and fried rice.   

Aversions: ???

Fun things: Packed the hospital bag this weekend!  I have no idea how big he'll be, so I packed a few things for him.  The newborn outfit just seems so tiny, I can't imagine him being that small.  Truthfully, I only have 2 newborn outfits, so if he does turn out smaller than I anticipate, I'll have to figure something out.  I also sewed his crib skirt this weekend.  My MIL got me some of the Pottery Barn Madras bedding, but not the crib skirt, which retails for $60.  So I just made a plain blue one and very pleased with the finished product.  I got my early push present, which I also requested be my Christmas present.  At first it was a Toshiba Excite tablet, but it kept freezing and was a little quirky, so B exchanged it for the iPad yesterday.

What I miss: Sitting/laying down easily and comfortably.  Long walks.

Misc: I've been sick since I got my flu shot last week.  I don't know if there is a correlation, or I was just getting sick anyway.  When I got the shot, I watched her inject it, and Billy physically shuddered on the other side of the room.   His needle tolerance is quite low!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

36 Weeks / 8 months

Size: A crenshaw or still a honeydew melon - 18.5 inches and more than 5 pounds.

Interesting fact: He is shedding the downy covering of hair, that has been covering his body.

Symptoms: Just the reflux!  Life would be easy breezy if it were not for that!  A lot of women have trouble sleeping by this point, but I sleep like a champ, as long as Billy is home.

Maternity clothes: Ok, so some dresses and shirts now are shorter in the front.  4 more weeks - that is all I need to stretch this wardrobe for!  20 more working days!

Cravings: Same, fruit.  Ice cream.  There is a flavor by Turkey Hill called Blitzburgh - yum!  

Aversions: Just eggs still. 

Fun things: One of my best friends, Lisamarie gave birth to her son last week, so it has been fun and interesting to talk to her about everything she has going through.  She has been very good about texting, emailing and documenting things she thinks I should know, or things she is surprised about.

What I miss: Sitting/laying down easily and comfortably.  Long walks.

Misc: A lady at work told me that I "dropped" - but I don't think so.  This baby has been low the whole time - I have never had a kick to the ribs.  

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

35 Weeks Down, 35 Days To Go!

Size: A coconut or honeydew melon - 18 inches and about 5 pounds.

Interesting fact: There is more baby than amniotic fluid in there now and responds best to high-pitched noises.

Symptoms: Just the reflux!  Life would be easy breezy if it were not for that!

Maternity clothes: I did break out a shirt that I got in the first trimester, that has not fit until now.  Friends tell me that I should expect to buy another shirt or two for the very end, but we'll see!  Today is a dress day - so comfortable!  25 more days of work!

Cravings: Same, fruit.  

Aversions: Just eggs still.  I think hard-boiled would be ok though.

Fun things: Billy discovered a 24-hour Jimmy John's around the corner from the hospital.  That certainly eased any concern he had about going hungry.  The midwives may or may not let me eat.  I think it depends on the situation.  Also, this is our last week without an appointment.  We start going every week, next week.

What I miss: Sitting/laying down easily and comfortably.  Long walks.

We had a very informative midwife appointment last week.  A baby was taken a couple weeks ago(and found a couple hours later!), so of course he wanted to know about the improved security measures.  Have no fear, there are now armed policemen at the doors of the postpartum wing!

Edit - picture added, one day late.  And it's blurry.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

34 Weeks

Size: A butternut squash - 17+ inches and maybe bordering 5 pounds.

Interesting fact: He is urinating about a pint a day!

Symptoms: Ohhh the acid reflux!  Even with medicine, I can't eat or drink within about 2 hours of going to bed or it will be a rough night.  I use a lot of pillows now, to keep my head elevated in an effort to keep it all down!  But still, I know this is pretty small potatoes.

Maternity clothes: Now that there are only 6 weeks left, I really don't want to buy anymore!  Only 30 more working days, so hoping to make it through!

Cravings: Hummus, cheese, ice cream, fruit.

Aversions: I haven't eaten any eggs.  I did eat 2 hamburgers last week though!

Fun things: Nothing new, that I can think of.  Just the final countdown.

What I miss: Sitting/laying down easily and comfortably.  Long walks.

Misc: Billy told me I was as big as a house. Clearly, he has not been around many pregnant women in his 30ish years because if he had, he would know not to say that AND that I actually am not.  Just wait another 6 weeks Budgins, and I'll show you!  We are also finished with our classes and last week one of the couples brought in their tiny baby - she had to be induced early bc of kidney issues.  And let me tell you, that was a REALITY check!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cloth Diapers

Today was cloth diaper prep day!  Many are skeptics, including Billy, but I'm determined to make it work!  My initial motivation to cloth diaper our baby was the cost savings, but they are also cute and are better for the environment.  I've been keeping track of my costs, to prove to Billy that it will, indeed, be cheaper.  I have 28 diapers now and my total costs, including 3 packs of detergent(135 loads) and a diaper can, and a diaper rash stick is $333.  With disposables costing somewhere around $50/month, my break-even point will happen pretty quickly, even with the cost of energy to wash/dry.  My average cost for each diaper I bought was $12.62.  I also received 4 as gifts.

All varieties I bought are one size, so they will grow with us from newborn, to potty training, and can be used for multiple children.

For the record, and in case anyone is interested, I bought a variety of brands based on sales and recommendations from others:

9 Kissa Fitteds
4 Covers
(the above count as 9 diapers, because you can reuse the covers for multiple changes)
6 BumGenius Pocket Style
6 Charlie Banana Pocket Style
2 Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Style (1 as gift)
2 KaWaii Nighttime Pocket Style
3 Awesome Blossom Pocket Style (gifts)

Initially, I thought the pocket style would be easier and overall higher quality, but I really think the fitteds will be more simple for us and the ones we reach for first.  I bought a variety, to see which is better, and then maybe buy more later.  I've heard it can differ, depending on the size of your baby and the amount they typically wet at a time.  I do know that I am going to wait at least a couple weeks after he is born to begin all of this!  After we get this going, I will try to review which works best.