Monday, September 30, 2013

49 Weeks

Looks like we're getting closer to 52 weeks!  And look...we have a climber!  I turn around to put some clothes away, and Will thought he would get a better view from his rocking chair!  I need to keep my eye on this one!  He really needs to learn how to clean up his room too. ;)
We hit our area's semi-annual consignment sale this weekend.  Billy does not like me to buy second hand, but let's be real.  I got a snow suit for $4 and snow boots for $5.  I would pay AT LEAST four times that if I bought it at retail, and chances are that he'll only wear them a few times.  Will is now stocked up for this fall/winter.  In size 2T.  That's right, big boy.  Look how big he looks in this picture with his snack cup!
 Another consignment win was this elephant ball shooter.  Pretty much endless entertainment.  I have seen on other blogs where kids have been scared of this toy. Not this tough guy!
He took a few steps this weekend.  We kept trying to get him to do it again, but he would rather sit or crawl than play that game with us.  But it makes me think we're so close to having a walker!  I so look forward to it so we can play more in the park and do more outside before it gets too cold!
In my (fruitless) attempt to wean Will, I went to a breastfeeding group on Saturday morning.  I felt like introducing him as, "This is Will, and he is addicted to the milk."  I picked up some more helpful tips like having just Billy give him his food, always offer it before offering to nurse, and keeping him busy doing other things outside of his room.  The tough part is many nights, Billy doesn't make it home before Will eats dinner.  He just still isn't really into eating solid foods(except cheese) and I can't force it down his throat.  So I'll just keep dicing it up and eventually he'll it more....or so they say! :)  My Dad says to cut him off cold turkey.  Ha. Ha. Hahaha.  I'll let him babysit for that day.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Heard Around the Hudgins House

Me: Look at Will's new outfit!
Billy: Stop dressing him like he's in the Sound of Music.
Me: You need to be home early on Thursday
Billy: Ok

Me: You need to be home early on Thursday
Billy: Ok

Me: You need to be home early on Thursday
Billy: Ok

Me: You need to be home early today
Billy: Oh yeah, I have to go out of town tonight...
Me: Will only got up twice last night!
Billy: Did you nurse him back to sleep?
Me: Yep
Billy: I thought we weren't going to do that anymore.

Uhh...we?  Thanks for the input.
Me: Will, say "mama"
Will: Dada

Monday, September 23, 2013

11 Months

Will is 11 months old! He has been crawling for three months now and cruises on all the furniture - and Patton!  He still likes pushing his walker around the basement and crawling up stairs.  We may have a walking baby by next's hard to tell.  He stands on his own for about 10 seconds.

He eats pretty much what we're eating now.  I did make the mistake of giving him some of our enchiladas this week, without realizing how spicy they were!  Will likes to share his food with us and with Patton.  It is nice to have a dog for all the clean-up!

Will also likes to share his toys, but then wants us to share too.  He likes to play with whatever we have in our hands. I noticed that in the church nursery too.  We'll have to explain to him that is not how to make friends!

I took him to the playground a few times this week.  He got on the firetruck for the first time and seemed to like "driving" it.  He isn't too sure about the slide yet though!

I also noticed him pointing recently, and he did it a few more times today.  Sometimes, he surprises me with what he can do.  Last night, Billy was showing him how to put the blocks in the shape sorter, and he was learning fast!  

We have enjoyed each new stage with him and he really is an easy-going baby.  With the exception of the rare melt-down at Kelly's wedding, that is!  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

47 Weeks

What a weekend.  Nothing like some quality family time...during 18 hours in the car!  On Friday morning, we hit the road for Billy's sister's wedding in Norfolk and somehow, got checked-in, ready and to the rehearsal by 4.  Will is a pretty laid-back guy when it comes to a schedule and going with the flow.  We even had time to go out to dinner.  Something Billy and I rarely, if ever, attempt to do.  Will was a total team player though!
 Everyone, in try Hudgins fashion, stayed up late late late on Friday night, while I went to bed at 8:30 with Will.  Good thing, because he was up at 5.  As soon as the sun rose, we hit the pavement and strolled nearly four miles through the Norfolk waterfront.  The weather was awesome and Will fell asleep in the stroller.  When we got back to the hotel, we saw most everyone at breakfast...but then found Billy still in bed!  So we were sure to wake him up!  Thankfully, thinking ahead, I packed gatorade and motrin.

Yadda yadda...anyway, we had fun the rest of the gorgeous day outside.  We got to the church, and everything was copacetic. Until the bridal procession started and Will lost it.  I went to the back of the church.  Then the lobby.  And then outside.  I had never seen him cry uncontrollably like that.  I tried to feed him, rock him, hold him, put him down...everything.  I missed the whole ceremony and all the family pictures.  As soon as I got him back to the hotel and in his pajamas, he was out like a light.  Poor guy was just probably overwhelmed with all the travel, people and out of his environment.  Billy's sweet cousin came to relieve me about an hour into the reception.  I'm sure everyone was wondering why I would even attempt to bring a baby to the wedding.  But under different circumstances, I think he would have been ok and I wanted all of our extended family to spend some time with him.  Ugh, lesson learned!
It was our last trip for the summer.  We have been to NC back and forth twice.  DC back and forth twice.  And this time to VaBeach.  No mas!  I set a date for Will's baptism for next month, so Grandma and Grandpa will come visit us this time!  

Sunday, September 8, 2013

46 Weeks

The temperature has been so perfect on our morning walks lately!  It is probably my favorite time of day and Will is usually a team player the whole time.  I give him some ice to suck on and he's a happy camper.  We have had to change our route because of the mountain lion sighting a few weeks ago.  The image is still too fresh in my mind to venture back in there anytime soon!  
 It seems like lately Will has started playing with some of his toys, rather than just chewing on them. ;)  He has a couple trucks that he was moving back and forth across his room last week.  Billy thinks Will gets bored with his toys, but I think he's just easily distracted.  We cruised through Toys R Us last week and honestly, I wouldn't even know what toys to get an almost-one-year old.

Will tried a lot of new foods last week.  The funniest was ravioli because he would suck the cheese, and then spit the pasta back out of his mouth.  He also tried cous cous, hard boiled egg, pickles(did not like!), pork, and green pepper.  I stocked up on blueberries and grapes and froze them because they are about to go out of season and he loves them both. Ok, me too.
Big week ahead of packing for our trip to Va Beach to see Aunt Kelly get married.  Just the mental list of what we have to bring for Will is pretty lengthy!  And I still have not decided on his outfit either.  What does a baby wear to a black tie optional event?  I found a cute sailor outfit and ran it by Billy...and he thought I was joking, so that got the veto.

I bought the book, the No Cry Sleep Solution, hoping it would give me some answers.  Right now, I'm still in the research gathering stage, writing down when he naps every day and when he wakes up at night to see if I can see a pattern.  So far: no.  There are just too many variables, especially with teething, for me to really try to "train" him.  This book has a lot of small suggestions, that can assist in better sleep, without crying it out.  So when we get back, I may buckle down to try to employ some of them.  I mean, there has to be some middle ground between CIO and just living with a terrible sleeper, right?  Good thing he's so cute!

Monday, September 2, 2013

45 Weeks

Sadly, I think the time has come to where I can no longer eat ice cream while Will is eating broccoli.  He hasn't ever had ice cream, but it's like he inherently knows that it is good, and he wants some.  I usually eat my dinner faster than he does, so I just get some dessert as he is finishing his.  I don't think this is going to fly anymore.  He likes all food to be shared now!  I was eating an apple the other day and gave it to him to hold and take a bite out of.  Well, the bite he took was too big, so I took the apple back.  You would have thought I pinched him!  Tears, crying...the works.  It's an apple, buddy!  Chill out!

This week we worked on "so big!" where he puts his arms over his head.  He's getting it, and does it sometimes on command.  He also can stick his tongue out when you ask him to.  Now that is a skill to be proud of.

We gave him some corn for the first time.  He was not sure what to do with the cob, so he used it as a light saber.

Speaking of vegetables, here is all that grew from my attempt at gardening this year.  Yes, one pepper.  Oh, and some basil.  We just don't get full sun in our backyard.  That's my story anyway.

Will was up every hour last night.  Awesome.  And now he is drooling I can just assume more teeth are close!

I made this easy breakfast casserole this weekend.  If I say it is easy, then you know it is!