Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bradley Cooper does it again in the Hangover 2. He still reigns as one of my favorites. I started thinking today though...rarely does he play the good guy. He's got that distrusting look to him, but also VERY attractive.

This movie though. How is it only rated R? I believe they saw the line and
stepped over it, but whoever is rating these movie should probably suggest some editing. When the first Hangover came out two summer ago, a lot of people said it was the funniest movie they ever saw. "Ever?" I said. "Funnier than Wedding Crashers?" because that is by baseline for funny. Most people said it was, but I disagreed then and I disagree now. Yes, it is funny, but a lot of the times it funny because of the shock value. Either way, it was still very funny. Just don't go see it with your mom. Or your kids. Or anyone you're related to because there is a good bit of disturbing nudity!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

To Kill a Mockingbird

I tense up when I hear their squak! I hate them and they clearly hate me...and my dog now too! It all started when I was probably about 14 when we were living in North Carolina. One day, my brother our old dog, Major and I apparently walked a little too close to Mockingbird nest and after that, every time we went outside to go for a walk, this dang bird would swoop down and basically dive-bomb us! It got so bad that we started walking with helmets on! Partly for the humor of it all, but also to protect ourselves! Finally we got smart and took our B B gun. And that was the end of that.

But last year, it happened again! At work, I would have to take all kinds of detours to go in and out of my building because the bird had a target on me! The University of Florida did a study that proved these birds are smart enough to recognize individual humans. I even watched the video - it's true!

So it must be nesting season, because the park that we walk in every morning and evening has these dang birds and poor Patton has been attached twice! I know he's supposed to be a bird dog and all, but I don't blame him for running away! I was telling people at work today about it and they think I'm either paranoid or crazy. Obviously, they have never been a target of these aggressive aviaries! It is scary!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dinner: Fail

I bought Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta a couple weeks ago because duh - it was on sale! I decided to try it tonight, thinking it would be like any other tri-color pasta. Boy was I wrong. As soon as I put it in the strainer, it smelled like steamed vegetables. For me, this is not necessarily a bad thing. For Billy, I might as well try to feed him poison. Thinking quickly, I decided to cover it in sauce and mozzerela and put in the oven to disguise the smell/look of vegetables. But as soon as I started scooping it on to the plate, he knew what was going on and quickly grabbed the box from the trash can and foiled my disguise. To his credit, he did try it, but then pushed all the green and orange pasta pieces to the side. Yes, I am married to a 5 year old. I guess I'm going to have to go all Jessica Seinfeld on his and secretly blend eggplant into the brownies or something!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yesterday did not start out so great. I mean, we got a lot accomplished, but it was not fun. Let me just tell you, it involved vacuuming, dusting, pulling weeds, trimming trees...none of which I like to do - especially when it is 90 degrees out.

But after lunch, we stopped working and just hung out in the pool with some beer and the dog. Our pup loves nothing more than being in the pool. We can barely let him in the backyard without him going for a dip. He's a water dog by nature, but it's also so dang hot down here, I think most of the time he just wants to cool off. We love having a pool some of the time, but most of the time Billy just moans about having to keep it clean. Wah wah. It's about a once a week job to clean the filters and vacuum it, so I don't think it's that bad. I wonder though...if most people let their dogs in the pool?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things My Husband Does

I got this idea from Newlyweds on a Budget. She seems to have the same thoughts as I do sometimes when it comes to living with a significant other. Like really, do you not think to put the dishes in the dishwasher or your clothes in the hamper? But the one I'm going to discuss today has been happening with more frequency lately and I have got to put a stop to it!

I usually go to bed around 10pm because I wake up at 5:55am. Granted, I don't have to be at work till 9, but I like to wake up, drink my coffee and walk the dog just as it's getting light out so it isn't too hot. It's only May, but it is easily 80 degrees at 8am. So anyway, I go to bed sometimes hours before Billy. I brush my teeth, put some chapstick/lip balm on and go to sleep. We sleep with a ceiling fan on, so I always feel like m lips dry out at night. So anyway, when Billy decides to come to bed, he like to give me a kiss goodnight. Most of the time, he tries to WAKE ME UP to say good night and say he loves me. Wake me up at midnight? Is that really necessary? I usually refuse to say I Love You back and grumble back to sleep. Lately, he has found it even more hilarious to try and kiss the chapstick off my lips so he can have some too. TMI? Perhaps, but this is the crap I live with. And the chapstick is on my bedside table, so if he really did want some, it is available for use! Last night, I think I tried to use physical force to make him understand that it is not cool to wake up your sleeping wife for your amusement.

So it's 7:30 now and he's still sleeping. Must be nice! As a side note, I got a bad of free samples from Target in the mail a few weeks ago, and said chapstick was in it. It's Neutrogena and I give it 2 thumbs up!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh it was grand! And per usual, I got all flustered and had nothing witty or interesting to say. Just smiled like a big goofball. But it was so fun seeing the rest of the fans and meeting Ramona. We got to Total Wine about an hour prior, but no one was there yet, so we walked around in Michael's and then came back about 40 mins before the event. We finally bought out wine - only $11.99 and took our spot in line - only about 5 people long! She was so nice, gracious and really beautiful! An afternoon well spent! Afterwards, we got back to my house and had our own taste test. Two thumbs up!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Turtle Time!

If all goes as planned, I will be enjoying some Pinot with this little lady at Total Wine in Boynton Beach on Sunday! Out of all the housewives, I would probably want to meet her the most. While I LIKE Bethenny more, I would probably be very intimidated. Ramona is such a nut, that I couldn't possibly be nervous! I have recruited my friend Lauren to go, who is probably the biggest wine-o I know, so I can't wait!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

This was a "thank goodness make-up exists" type of morning. I looked awful after freaking out on the dog and Billy for one of my shoes missing. They both had conveniently forgotten to tell me that Patton ate it! So after my fit of rage, what I saw in the mirror was just not pretty!I left my shoes on the closet floor, like a normal person, but my dear husband keeps leaving the closet door open. And for Patton, that means JACKPOT! I have lost boat shoes, new balances, aasics, at least 2 other pairs of heels, and now these. Bahh! I blame the other human in the house, not the dog!

But at least the weekend was good! We had a lazy Saturday and a very pleasant(short) visit down to Billy's parents house - with all 3 sisters present! Despite all the dramatic happenings lately, everyone was seemingly in good spirits. I mean, there was pizza, chicken salad, cookies, pigs in a blanket, fruit, shrimp, chips...and now at least 2 more lbs on my hips!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

B is for BOOYA! I got a "B" in Literary Criticism. It was a take home final essay, but it was not easy! I'm just so glad it is OVER! I definitely think that was my cue to move back to education courses. So this summer I'll be taking a course called Leadership 1. I think it's a 5 part series - yikes. So again, since tuition is free for me, I might was as well start climbing the PhD mountain. I have no idea what we'll be doing in a year...I mean we could move, win the lottery, have kids...WHO KNOWS! But no sense in not starting just because I don't know what the future holds.

So our anniversary was wonderful. Very low key, which I really prefer. I got home and Billy was cooking up a storm. Pasta alfredo with crab meat and garlic bread. No vegetables, just how he likes it! We also had red wine and Thin Mint ice cream. Yum-o. Then we took Patton for a long walk in the park and the weather was just perfect. 3 years down, a lifetime to go!

This weekend is Mother's Day, so we'll be making the trek down to Miami on Sunday Funday to spend it with the in-laws!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Three years ago now husband was about to pass out from being nervous as hell and extremely hung over. And I was downing champagne and popping Vicodin with my best friends and dear mother. I kid you not. Today is our three year wedding anniversary! On May 1, 2008 I was getting ready to pack for our wedding in Virginia Beach, but first had to drive to Richmond to pick Billy up. Once we got back to Charlottesville, we were about to have dinner with my classmate and her husband. But damn me, I had to reach into the laundry room with my newly acrylic-manicured hand with full force and caught my pinky nail on the door frame and yanked the whole dang thing right off! Enter: me screaming like I have never screamed before!

So off to the campus health center we went! And they decided this finger situation was too much for them to handle, so they sent us next door to the UVA Medical Center ER. Seriously? For a broken finger nail? Let me tell you, it hurt like hell. They gave me x-rays, prodded my poor naked nail bed, cleaned me up, gave me some drugs and sent me on my way. So on my wedding day, I had a sweet bandage on my finger. I did NOT care because I had my healthy supply of Vicodin.

But all in all, it really was a great day. There is no other time when you can see all of your favorite friends and family all in one place!

I can't tell if three years has gone by fast or slow, because in one way it seems like the wedding was just yesterday, but then I look at all that has happened in the past 3 years and it is really a lot! I know I can say that our relationship is much stronger now that it was then, we know each other much better and are both better spouses because of it. We have certainly had our fair share of challenges, and I won't say I wouldn't change any of it, but I am happy that I have had Billy there for all of it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

This is what I noticed on my fence when I was coming home from walking the dog this morning! I guess at some point after I went to bed, Billy was feeling super patriotic and decided to fly all of our flags! GO USA!

Is this what we had to do to take the attention off England??? :)