Thursday, September 2, 2010

New School. New Problems.

So I switched jobs 2 months ago. The old job - I loved, but I knew I needed something bigger and the school was so small and had many limitations. The new job - I like, not love. My coworkers...not something I am used to. Not the easiest to be around and we clearly have different viewpoints on several levels. They're fine, they would just not be my first pick in my fantasy workplace draft. The students are in general respectful, but a far cry from the Christian university I was at. Today's example made my blood boil. The student challenged everything I said and wanted to speak with the other advisor. I told him I had been doing this for a long time(he doesn't know the truth) and that the other advisor would tell him the same thing. After a staring contest, I handed him his degree plan and sent him on his merry way, without talking to the other advisor. Surely I won't be seeing his smiling face again.

I think I have just been lucky to have really good bosses in my last few jobs. The gave me so much autonomy and here it's just not the same and it doesn't seem like my coworkers want any of that additional responsibility that comes with decision making. Hopefully, in time, I will get a little more. For now, I know that this is a stepping stone and my next job will be a well-deserved step up!

On a lighter note, college football starts tonight!