Thursday, April 24, 2014

Will at 18 months

I took Will to his well visit this morning and he weighs 30lbs and is 34inches. Height is the 95th percentile and weight is still slightly off the chart.  He has really slimmed down though! A lot of his clothes from last summer still fit!  I even squeezed some 18mo shorts on him.  He is generally in 24mo and 2t clothes, with some 3t shirts.  His shoe size is a 6.  Speaking of shoes, I tried to put some sandals on him and he lost it!  Did not want to wear them!  So back to sneakers. I've slowly been easing him into crocs. This is one of those things, that I was appalled at when other parents spoke of their kids "not wearing" or "not doing" - eesh.

He loves being outside and especially at the park with Patton. He tries to chase Patton around to give him sticks.  We go to the park every day, and sometimes twice.  I pull him there in his wagon, which he LOVES far more then the stroller.  Usually leaving the park is a bit of a struggle and he pulls the straight back trick, so I can't buckle him in. What a joy, this newfound independence is.

A newfound emotion of his is also fear.  At Kelly's house, he was afraid of her shower head, and could not get out of the tub fast enough. So then we bathed him in her garden tub. Also afraid of his shark towel, his shark tshirt, Anders's tractors, and a small decorative bunny I had out for Easter.  No idea where any of this came from!

His favorite things to eat are cheese, grapes and pretzels. Getting him to eat in the evening is a struggle because he just won't! During the day he eats a normal amount, but for dinner, he doesn't seem to be hungry.  The kicker is that he wakes up at night and signs for milk/hungry.  So that's frustrating. As is sleep with him, in general.  He sleeps about 10hrs at night and takes a little over an hour nap in the afternoon. When Lisamarie was here and I brought him down after his nap, she said, "that's it??" YES, that's it! If you have a good sleeper, thank your lucky stars!

Will says about 7-8 clear words: tree, car, dog, ball, mamma, dadda, cheese, teeth...and some others that are only discernable to me.  Some of the girls his age say so much more!  But, I also see that they sit and color, and generally aren't as strong willed as this boy I have!  One mom asked if Will had seen Frozen?  There is no way he would sit through a movie!  

Let's see what else...he still eats handfuls of dirt and sticks.  He climbs on everything he can scale.  He brings me clumps of dog hair he finds in the house(thanks for the hint). He continually dumps th dog's water bowl.  He no longer enjoys teeth brushing.  But he also gives good hugs, laughs a lot, loves to help vacuum, is an expert at puzzles, puts his dirty clothes in the hamper and trash(among other things) in the trash can.

So much happens in 6 months. In another 6 months, he'll be two and be a big brother!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Funny things

Man, it has been tough keeping this going lately. I want to remember some funny things along the way though.

Today when I left Will home with Billy to run an errand, he had Will in the kitchen and he kept pointing to the cabinet that I keep the dishes in and saying, "ca!"(meaning cookie/cracker) Finally, Billy opened the cabinet to discover my secret stash of Teddy Grahams.  Will is always watching, I guess!

Last weekend when I left for a few hours to bring my mom to the airport, I came back to a disgruntled Billy about how terrible disposable diapers are. He still has a mental block about putting cloth diapers on Will, but at least Will now admit how superior they are when it comes to leaks and gaps.

I took Will to the park this week and I told a little boy that Will wanted to be his friend. A little later, I heard him and his sister arguing about which one them was going to be Will's friend. There is enough Will love to go around, kids!

At Kindermusik, when it is time to put the toys/instruments away, if other children are not putting them away fast enough, Will takes them out of their hands and puts it away for them.

He cries when I either don't let him vacuum, or we are finished vacuuming.  Who does this child belong to???

One more park story. We were there sort of late one day, and all of the sudden, Will walked over to his wagon, got in and sat down, and signed for food.  Guess I forgot about dinner! Ma, the meatloaf!

I'm sure there is more that I am forgetting....I need to start writing them down more often!