Sunday, March 23, 2014

I'm back from slacking, posting from my new birhday gift - my iPad case with wireless keyboard!  Probably the first gift that I have not sent Billy a direct link to, or bought myself in years!  ;)  Bravo.  So hopefully, it will make me less dependant on my ancient laptop.  So far, it is much easier to type than on the screen keypad.

Will turned 17 months yesterday and I turn 31 today!  He is changing all the time and has become quite the climber.  His favorite is to climb on his chair, onto his changing table.  Today, he climbed into his high chair, and then onto the kitchen counter. Yikes.  He can do a lot more on his own at the park now, but also still likes to eat dirt, grass, mulch, etc.

So yes, we drove to NC with a friend and her toddler.  The way down was pretty easy, mostly bc I think we were excited to get there.  The way back was much more trying!  The stay at Grandma's was so nice though!  We were their for four days and it was so nice to be able to have help with Will, have time to relax and see my nephew/brother/SIL!  

This kid is obsessed with cheese in the most annoying way possible.  Every time I open the fridge, he says, "cheese?"  I'll let you guess what happens if I don't give it to him.  Billy caves more easily.  His other popular word is "teeth" because he lives to brush his teeth so much.  Can't get too angry with that one, although it's still a battle to take it away sometimes.  His vocab is still pretty limited beyond that, even though he can identify so many objects, animals and Sesame characters in books.

So, not too extensive of an update, but something for now.  I'll try to get better with the new keyboard!