Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The internets in the Hudgins house are down so we're trying this from the phone.

We're still busy with the new house and trying to get everything set up. Well, mostly Billy. My job is to just watch Will. I did get to finish up his room this weekend though. I think the only way to add pictures on here is all of them at the bottom of the post....

Will made his debut in the high chair this week too! It depends on his mood, but when it's good, he'll sit and play with his toys while we are at the table. And by play with his toys, I mean put everything in his mouth. Now that he can use his hands a little better, he is exploring. We think that he may be beginning to teeth too because my usually happy baby is more cranky lately.

It's still sometimes shocking to me how very large he is. It's a matter of weeks before he outgrows his infant car seat. Graco says it should be used for up to 35lbs but he is seriously smushed in there! BRU is having their trade in event, so I think we're going to upgrade next week.

It's almost 70 degrees today so we're going to go check out the city park. It snowed 3 times last week and we didn't have our snow shovel. Billy gave it away in PGH bc he heard it didn't snow where we live now. Awesome. So happy to be able to get out of the house though!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things from today...

I changed the name of the blog.  Can't change the address, though.  My old coworker asked me if we were gypsies...moving so much.  I happen to like moving, though!  Maybe because I was a military brat, I just think discovering a new area is exciting.  And I know memories travel with you; they don't stay in a place.  I do miss Pittsburgh a lot though.  I plan to do a post on all the great things about PGH.  I never thought I would love it, because at first glance it looks like a dump.  But I know I will grow to love WV too!

I found this gem on the local craigslist:  http://parkersburg.craigslist.org/clo/3563086924.html
A pink camo prom dress, in case anyone is interested.  Welcome to West Virginia!  $400 seems a little steep though, no?!?

I looked up infant CPR.  I think they should teach you this in the hospital, before you leave.  30 compressions, 2 breaths, if you're interested.  I had to watch a 15 minute video on the importance of sleeping on his back, you would think that CPR would be incorporated as well.

I put Will in his crib, while I got his bath ready this afternoon, and came back to this:
I certainly did not wake him up!  Bath time can wait!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

3 Months

Will is 3 months old!  And he is doing so much more lately!
We discovered that he can pick things up and bring them to his mouth.  He did it for the first time with blocks last week, and has been grabbing a lot since then.  It's so fun to watch.  Grandma bought him an excersaucer, so he has been going to town on that with all the fun toys attached! The funny part is that he sees the toys, but doesn't fully know how to use his arms yet, so he gets frustrated when he can't get to what he wants.  It's especially awesome, because now I can put it next to the dining room table, and he can play while we eat.  It seems like he wants to be involved in more of what we're doing lately.  He used to be ok just hanging out in his rocker while we ate...
He squeals all the time and it is so funny! He is most vocal in the morning, and he interacts with Billy now. He actually looks at him now...haha! I can get guaranteed fun squeals when I put him on my shins and do "airplane" - what a workout though!

Sleep is better!  He has slept through the night a few times, but now we typically get up just twice. It is really much more bearable than every 2 hours!
Our big boy is 18 pounds.  No well visit this month, so I weighed him on our home scale.  I'm quite sure that is still in the 90something percentile, since it is a 2 pound weight gain this month.  It seems like he flew through 6 month clothes, and now mostly wears 9 month.  We bought him some 12 month clothes this weekend...for next month probably!

And now we're West Virginians.  Something I thought I would never say!  I should think of a new title for the blog I guess.  Suggestions welcome.  It was a bit of a bumpy move, but now we're here and mostly settled.  After the mishaps with the moving truck being too small(oops!), the basement flooded within the first 48 hours.  Good thing Billy is handy!  We probably saved hundreds of dollars on a plumber!  He found 6 foot tree roots in the pipes.  Yikes!  All is better now!  Mom was a SUPER help with the move, and my dad came over the weekend to help drywall the basement.  It was so nice for them to spend so much time with Will too!  

The best thing about the new house is the dishwasher.  Not the model, but the fact that the kitchen HAS a dishwasher!  I spent the last 1.5 years in Pittsburgh washing dishes and it was awful and time consuming.  Never again - I hope!!  We are really enjoying all the space though.  We finally have room to unpack Will's toys - and he has a closet now too!

We're also waiting on the arrival of Will's new cousin, Lucas!  Any day now!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Will turned 12 weeks old on Monday and he is getting to be a busier baby! Thank goodness I have help from my mom this week! We are still in the midst of moving and we just unloaded the 2nd uhaul this morning. We sorely underestimated how much stuff we had and poor Billy had to go back to Pittsburgh to fetch an entire garage full of our belongings!

We'll be back next week for the 3 month update and musings from our new adventure in West Virginia!

Until then...some Will pictures from this week:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

11 Weeks

So we're at 11 weeks and the three month clothes are put away.  So many of them, he barely wore.  Onesies are where it's at for us.  I think I've said before, that baby pants are a nuisance to me.  I counted - and he had six pairs of light blue pants.  Seriously?  And several of those hooded zip up with cute animals on them. Very cute, but not so practical.  Also, the bulkier he is, the harder it is to squeeze him into the car seat.  A process which usually induces screaming on a normal day.
So I broke out the six month clothes, and some smaller looking 9 month outfits.  I remember receiving a 6 month outfit from my Aunt Kathy briefly after Will was born and thinking, he probably won't fit into it before winter is over.  Rookie mom strikes again.  Below is the outfit.  
I was looking at an Easter outfit to buy him and now that I know about the rapid growth...I wonder if he'll be beyond 9 month clothes at the end of March??
We're into size 3 diapers, too.  I signed up for Amazon Mom, which gets me 15% off diapers and wipes.  I put him in disposables at night, because cloth seems to wake him up because of the wetness more.   And as I've said before, Billy is on board with cloth, as long as I'm the one changing Will. If he's changing him, he doesn't deal with the cloth.  Fine, whatever.  At least he's changing a diaper.

Still working on tummy time, and it looks like he may be trying to roll over soon.  If he could just focus on something other than eating his hand.  Such a distraction!

I saw this and laughed.  I have a voice for Will in my head, and I can just hear him saying this.
While my weight may be back down to my pre-preg number, my body is far from the same!  I went from taking long walks nearly every day, to barely exercising at all for a few months now.  It has been super cold here, and snowed several days last week, so we stay bundled inside!  I keep checking my arm muscles, because carrying this bowling ball of a babe around has got to be doing something!!!  Also, as a new mom, I think another factor contributing the weight loss is really not having time to eat.  Sounds like a humble brag, but I am serious.  If it's during the day while he's napping, I'm trying to get other things done, and if we happen to have him content while we're eating, it's only for a short time, so getting seconds isn't an option.  And also, there's nursing.  Which surely burns calories - especially as often as Will eats!  Lastly, there is just not as much food in the house!  Grocery shopping is done less often, and when it is done, it is a race of the clock to either get home because Billy is watching him, or I'm afraid he will scream in the store, or - oh yeah, that giant car seat in the basket so there isn't room for as much food!

I always see pictures of babies smiling on FB!  I can't ever capture him smiling!  He does it more and more now, but I swear, he sees the camera and stops!  Thank goodness for the smiles though, because that makes everything so much more rewarding!  Someone told me that the first couple weeks are 90% work and 10% fun...and maybe it's a little more skewed to work than that, but it really does get more fun with every week!