Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ohh the social media. It is everywhere, and I can barely keep track of what the new trend is. Here are my conclusions today:

1 - A lot of people have the Washington Post reader app on FB. I would never want this because I read ridiculous articles about Snooki losing 25 pounds and do not want everyone to know that!

2- Twitter? I tried it for one day and can't keep up.

3- Pinterest is still a little bit of a mystery to me. And also a little worse than FB in that you have all of the "boards" that make people think you are actually that crafty, ambitious, fit, etc. At least FB is pictures of things you actually made, or pictures of yourself instead of a model doing situps. Also I wish you could make boards private on Pinterest. I tried googling my name and my Pinterest account came up. No bueno.

4 - I will boycott the FB timeline for as long as possible. It makes it hard to see other people's pictures and I'm never sure where to look for the most recent posts.

5 - I'm thinking of getting a non-smart phone. Billy has a BB for work, and an iPad, I stare at a computer 7.5 hours a day( and then some more at home), we both have navigation systems in our cars, and a portable GPS. I'm beginning to think it is really too much, and an unnecessary expense. Thoughts? I know I'll be the un-cool girl without a smart phone, but who cares?

Lastly...I found this quite helpful:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I entered the weekend with high hopes of producing something of value from my sewing machine. I thought at first that I may try an "easy" 45x45 quilt . Once I arrived at Joann's, I thought...."Mehhh, let's start with something smaller. A potholder, perhaps." So I bought my materials and went home to get started. I thought that a homemade potholder would be a nice Valentine's gift for Grandma and Billy's Nana.

Several hours later, bloody hands, and crooked lines, here is the product and I will not be gifting it to anyone!

Not a total loss though. I learned some valuable lessons. One being that I have very little patience. Is that a new lesson? Not really. Two is that the proper tools should not be underestimated. Billy always yammers on about needing the proper tools and I have always ignored him. But seriously, the following items will be helpful if I ever want to even attempt a quilt:

After the potholder emotional explosions, I think Billy sensed that he could help out by vacuuming. There is no sweeter music to my ears than someone other than myself vacuuming. Two of our neighbors are coming over for the game and I suspect they will be wearing Steelers jerseys. I saw a lot of people wearing them today. I guess you're still a Steeler fan, no matter who is playing in the Super Bowl. Today, we will be cheering for the Giants though, because no one wants Tom Brady to win! Here is what Pittsburgh Dad thinks about that!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Patton loves treats, and he is hoping to win Moby's Giveaway. You should enter too! Lauren was a bridesmaid with me in my brother's wedding and she recently moved to Alaska. Be sure to read the rest of her blog about her Alaskan adventures!Patton's treats are usually carrots and tomatoes. Last night he had a mushroom, and he seemed to enjoy it. My friend at work jokes that the reason Patton eats my shoes is because we don't give him any real treats. He gets rawhide bones, but that is about it. So for those of you who call him fat, I really don't have an explanation. He's just big boned.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I don't think we do gifts. This will be our 6th V-Day together and I honestly don't remember a single one of them. But if we were to do gifts, I would ask for the following:
1 - Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarf. I know it's a ridiculous amount to pay for a scarf, but they were on super sale in January and I missed out. Maybe they will go on sale again?
2 - VS Noir. I believe my SIL wears this, and I never smelled it until I got a teeny bottle in a sample pack. I've worn SJP Lovely for the past several years and I think it is time to switch it up.
3 - I want to lay in bed on a weekend, have Billy walk Patton(early, so I am not woken up with dog tongue to the face) and have coffee and the iPad delivered to me.