Wednesday, August 29, 2012

33 Weeks

Size: A pineapple or a durian - 17 inches and about 4+ pounds.

Interesting fact: He keeps his eyes open while awake and starting to coordinate breathing.

Symptoms: Back pain for the first time.  I guess I made it pretty far without it.  Last week's babycenter email said to contact your practitioner if you were having back pain to assure it was not early labor.  So I did and they assured me it was not.  It is hard to figure out what is normal, if you have never done this before!

Maternity clothes: Now that students are back, I need to step it up a bit from my summer attire.  Dislike.

Cravings: Fruit, Greek Yogurt, Ice Cream

Aversions: I had a bad egg sandwich experience last night, so that will probably be the last of eggs for a while.

Fun things: When my students see me, it is so funny to see the look on their faces.  They have been gone since the first week in May, and had no idea I was pregnant.  Now when they see this big ol' belly, they are 100% shocked.  One girl let out an audible, "Whoa!" 

What I miss: Not being super tired.

Misc: Tonight is our last child birth class! So that means we are officially ready, right?  One girl in our class had her baby early, and I expect another one to not show up tonight.  Billy asked if he could skip for his fantasy football draft.  Answer: NO!  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

32 Weeks

Size: A squash or jicama? 3.75 pounds and 16.5 inches.

Interesting fact: He is already head-down - after the midwife confirmed, now I can feel it and identify the body parts that are poking out.

Symptoms: Tired - and still have that pulled/stretched muscle in my abdomen.

Maternity clothes: A couple things are too small for me now!  I didn't see that coming!

Cravings: The same - fruit.  I hope peach season doesn't die too soon.

Aversions: I still haven't tried hamburgers, but I'm fine without them.

Fun things: So many things!  I did finally buy him an outfit - a Steelers jersey onsie - and then we got to go to a game on Sunday!  Melissa had her own personal shower for me - bought me lunch and fun gifts!  I washed all of his clothes and put them away...and there are a lot!  Somehow I have 15 pairs of baby mittens? There are less than 60 days left until the due date...and less than 40 days of work! 

What I miss: Long walks, for sure.

Misc: When I tell people I'm using a midwife, attempting a natural birth, or cloth diapers, it seems that people always need an explanation.  Only 7% of women at the hospital I'll be at choose not to have an epidural, but the number is greater than 50% with the midwives at the hospital(yes, they are practitioners who work full time at the hospital, not a birthing center), and also have a drastically lower percentage of other interventions during birth.  In the beginning, I was terrified of the idea of not having drugs, but the more I learn about it in class, and reading positive birth stories, the more calm I(and Billy!) feel about my decision.  Some women want, and need an epidural and I get that...I wouldn't ask them to tell me why they did's just interesting that I end up explaining away my decisions.  But who knows - babies have their own plans, so we'll see how this one ends up joining us in October!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

31 Weeks/7 months

Size: A pineapple or 4 navel oranges - 16 inches and about 3.5 pounds.

Interesting fact: All five of his senses are now in working order.

Symptoms: Just tired.  I pulled a muscle in my abdomen this weekend - not sure how.  Will probably just kicked it!

Maternity clothes: Funny about the shirt I'm wearing below - I have a similar shirt in the same print from Anthropologie a few years ago.  This one is from JCPenney - wish I had known they had such a good, inexpensive maternity section earlier on!

Cravings: Peaches and nectarines.  And grapes.

Aversions: I had more chicken this week - in the form of wings! So maybe now the only food I wouldn't want would be a hamburger.

Fun things: Putting the room together this weekend.  I only watched on Saturday bc Billy was painting, but on Sunday, we were able to get the furniture upstairs(with help of our neighbor) and everything put together.  I went through all of his clothes and put them away- and we have what seems like a ton, especially for the first 3 months...but I guess that depends on how big/small he ends up being!  And I got an email from my SIL that said she has more to send me!  I have not bought one item of clothing for him...even though it has been tempting!!

What I miss: Walking the dog w/o B's supervision.

Misc: Down to the single digits in the weeks countdown - 9 to go!  Work is about to get busy with freshmen moving in next week, so I think time will go by fast!  We only have 3 classes left and we have been learning a lot!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30 Weeks!

Size: A cucumber or head of cabbage - somewhere around 16 inches and 3 pounds.  I can tell in his movements, that he is getting bigger!  No need to touch my belly anymore, you can see him move!

Interesting fact: His eyesight is continuing to develop, and now only has about 20/400 vision.  Even after he is born, he'll keep his eyes closed most of the day.

Symptoms: Oh yeah with the major heartburn.  Tums are a thing of the past - they can no longer handle the job.  My feet aren't fat and swollen, but I feel like they are expanding because all my shoes are tight.  Thank goodness it is sandal season, and I can probably last with open toes shoes until almost my due date.

Maternity clothes: I almost bought a few more dresses from Target last week, but decided not to, since we're nearing the end.  I REALLY prefer dresses to pants though!

Cravings: Yes, again, with the fruit!  I'm just a lot hungrier, in general lately.

Aversions: Actually, this weekend I ate chicken!  I had CFA nuggets, and they were delicious!  I don't think I would want a whole chicken breast though.

Fun things: Instead of counting the weeks I have completed, I'm now counting down the weeks we have left.  So give or take a week, depending on when he wants to join us - there are TEN weeks left.  Does not sound like much at all!  We do still have to put the room together, find a pediatrician, and figure out our birth plan to turn in!

What I miss:  Being able to lay down without my throat feeling like a hole is burning through it!

Misc: I do enjoy the occasional cup of coffee, and Billy tried to get the midwife to tell me that it would cause ADHD.  She told us that it would more likely be caused by him and his genes, than coffee.  Ha - backfire!  

Tuesdays must be khaki pants day...