Tuesday, July 26, 2011

America - Land of the Free

Today I felt just a little embarrassed of our country's immigration policy. Normally, I'd be all for asking people to show me their documentation, but today was a little different. One of my former students, a young Colombian girl, asked me to write her a letter describing her academic career - and I gladly did - she was a double major and made the President's list. She was very bright and well spoken. I don't know what kind of visa she was here on - but it expired and she needed to have my letter notarized for the judge. So today we met at the campus bank so I could show my ID and I saw something huge on her ankle. It was a LiLo style ankle tracking bracelet! She said she has to wear it for 4 months and they come and check on her at her house once a week. Because she is doing everything legally and by the book - this is what she has to do! And to think about all those undocumented people running free down here. And trust me, in South Florida, there are A LOT and it is a huge problem - people driving without licences, insurances, etc. I just felt bad for this sweet girl who is going through all this to be allowed to stay here. But if that is what it takes...I guess an ankle bracelet is better than Colombia? Anyway, I was just so surprised - I had no idea this practice was going on! I'm very happy though, that I took time to help her out - it's those things that make the job worth it!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just some celeb rants because this weekend was very low key. Just some cleaning and trying to stay cool. Had some pool time and lots of tv time. Here are some celeb related things I would like to point out.
1 - Amy Winehouse died at the age of 27. So young. Some people pointed out that she joined the "27 club" along with Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin...mmm...I don't think I'd put her in the same category as those people.
2 - Nick Lachey - do we really think it is a good idea to do another reality show about your marriage? Me thinks no.
3- Kim Kardash had her bachelorette party in Vegas. I somehow doubt it was much different than any of the other 3,849 parties the Vegas clubs have thrown her. Lucky.
4-The Millionaire Matchmaker is not married - or engaged - but she loves to tell other people why they are still single. Love it.
5 - Kristin Cav called off her engagement. Shocker. She still longs for Brody, I know it.

Here's to a great last week of July!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

I got ZERO naps this weekend, ugh! But it wasn't all work - we had fun too. Saturday I did my usual grocery shopping and walked in the door promising Billy I got him treats. Unless it is oreos or ice cream, he is usually disappointed. But oh well - unless he wants to start doing the shopping(which I would never allow) then he will eat what I bring home. He's like a kid, especially with dinner. He never wants chicken, but when it's time to eat, he always eats it. This makes me sound like a bad wife, no? Hmmm.

He cleaned up the pool and backyard on Saturday while I cleaned out our closet. This usually gets done automatically once a year because we always move, but we've been in this house for over 2 years, so I have to force myself to clean and purge. Both areas look SO much better. I also found enough clothes that neither of us wear to donate - bonus. I had to finish writing a paper and then we spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool. We really don't use our pool enough. We did this weekend though. It was hotter than I have ever felt it! Still- less hot than most of the country - if you can believe it though.

Sunday we were going to paint out bathroom, but opted to put up beadboard/wainscoting (whats the difference?) instead. I love it! While Billy worked with the heavy tools, I painted the 4 doors that we bought for the bedrooms earlier this year. I painted one door shut, so I'll have to retouch that one, but all in all, it was quite an accomplished weekend.

Should be a great week! Hopefully more details to come soon!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I made it back - but I didn't want to come back! I had a great couple days in the Pittsburgh area.It was so relaxing and I loved to be in a different part of the country. The rolling hills, the down to earth people, my old friends....it was glorious!

After I got there on Saturday, we hung out at my friend's in-laws for
a while and played with their Great Dane and picked blueberries. I LOVE THIS DOG. If I didn't have a 1600 square foot house and a limited dog food budget, I would love to have one. I think he loved me too.

On Sunday, we went tubing on Loyalhanna Lake and I was so happy to not be afraid of sharks, jellyfish and gators in the water! It was a blast - but the pictures are not on my camera. Maybe they will appear on FB soon.

Monday I went into Pittsburgh and saw the famed Cathedral of Learning and met my long lost friend and her perfect bebe! My phone totally sucks at taking pictures and half the time I end up accidentally taking video. I really need a new camera. Anyway, Spirit Air did an ok job of getting me to and from PA - and especially for only $140, I cannot complain! Hopefully I can visit again soon!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Today is the day! The last day in my office and Wednesday I start my new job! I am sure I will be gloating all day! What I will be sure to do is take a picture of the current office situation and then a picture of my new one next week. It is basically night and day. My new building has an arboretum...compared to my current one that just has rats.

I am also super excited because tomorrow I head to Pittsburgh for a couple days! I will get to see 2 of my very good friends who I have not seen in a long time! The last two weekends, I have been holding down the fort by myself, so I am very much looking forward to this mini-vaca and some girl time! I'm flying with Spirit, which is always an experience...one of my old students likened it to a chicken bus. So there's that.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day! I have been busy being independent this weekend since Billy had to help a friend get his boat up to Ocean City, MD this weekend. I got to the beach by 8:30 which would have NEVER happened if Billy was there and spent about 3 hours just reading my stack of magazines that have been piling up. The only subscription I get now is Redbook, but I really like it. I might be slightly younger than their average demographic, but at least I'm not embarrassed to have it on my coffee table when people come over!
I have also enjoyed some other single girl behavior such as roaming the mall aimlessly, trying lots of things on at TJMaxx, Lean Pockets, eating ice cream out of the carton, endless episodes of Say Yes to That Dress and naps. I still do a lot of this when Billy is home, but I like a quiet house sometimes. There is not a reality show on in Billy's presence without him ranting about the Kardashians being famous for doing nothing.

This is the first 4th of July that I have ever spent alone. When Billy and I first started dating, we took me to his friend's house for a cookout on July 4th and it started out with just us, his friend, brother and parents. It somehow escalated to Slapshot, the Washington Capitals mascot being there and a bounce house being blown up. I actually knew then I would marry him for his connections to professional mascots. I wish I had a picture of that day - it was hilarious and of course Billy hurt his neck for days after in that bounce house.

Anyway, it should be a glorious day now that people have started playing with fireworks in their backyards and Patton barking at every. single. one. of them. HAPPY 4th!!!