Friday, May 23, 2014

Exciting week

What a week.  We signed the closing documents for the sale of our FL house and found out that baby H2 is a girl!

The sale of our FL is really an incredible situation.  When we moved north 3 years ago, the FL market was down and we knew we were slightly under water, so we rented it out.  Initially to 2 young guys, but they were the tenants from hell and we had to evict them.  Then, our current tenants were sent from above and they have been a dream!  Long story short - we have been following the real estate market and the south FL market is making a fast comeback.  We told our tenants that we would not be renewing the lease because we planned to sell, and now they are buying our house! So that means no realtor fees, and the house does not sit empty while it is on the market! Win win win!  Ideally, we would like to have a rental property, but being a landlord 1000+ miles away is not the way to do it.  So we officially close next Friday! Woo!

And so yes, the second bit of exciting news is finding out that we will have a daughter.  So many people told me that I was, because I was so sick this pregnancy.  I'm sure there's no science behind that, but they were right!  Truthfully, Billy wanted another boy - mostly because I think he was traumatized by 3 sisters.  But we're both so happy and both grandmothers are extatic.  Now, onto the name game and cleaning out my junk room to make space for baby!

We had a fun Friday with Will's little friends at the park today.  A true miracle that we got them all to sit!

Some funny Will things:
I've been trying to show him how to blow bubbles, and when I give him the wand to blow, he only blows out of his nose!

He says "down" for up and down.  So when he wants to be picked up, or sit on my lap, he stands in front of me and says, "down, down!"  I try to tell him to say "up!" But so far, no dice!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The things he says

Will has pajamas with raccoons on the feet, so we show him the raccoons, and identify the animal. So now, even when he's not wearing those pajamas, he refers to his feet as "'coon". I do believe we have confused him!

Will refers to anything with wheels as a car. We try to show him tractors, trucks, motorcycles, etc., but he refuses.  Billy says, "Will, say truck!" and Will says, "car!"

When reading certain books or doing "this little piggy", he shouts, "den!" at the end, which means "again".

He shouts "cheese!" every time I open the fridge. Every time.

When choosing which show he wants to watch while I shower, he refers to Daniel Tiger as "Daan", Sesame Street as "Mo" and Curious George as just making a monkey noise.

This weekend, Billy's months-long renovation project on our backyard came to a close. He worked so hard to make our yard useable for Will and we had so much fun during the inaugural afternoon.  I told Billy that I would not want to own a home without him.  Yes, he comes up with some projects that aren't needed, or takes longer than necessary with some things, but he's so dang handy! He built a new fence, tore out all the old bushes, trimmed the tree, put in sliding glass doors and built a deck, which is not a one man job!  And all finished in time for Mother's Day and warm weather!  Bravo, Billy!