Saturday, August 23, 2014

Will at 22 months

This month almost went right by and I didn't even realize Will was 22 months old. Almost 2 years!  Things seem to be happening so fast with him now, especially his language.  It is so fun to watch and hear.  He tries to repeat so much of what we say.  Yesterday I told him I needed to wipe his snot bubble(gross, I know) and of course, he immediately repeated "snot bubble".  Billy then heard this and got him to say it over and over.  Hilarious for everyone, I assure you!

Sleeping is still not great.  I thought he was on to something early this week.  There were three days Ina row that he slept all night and past 6:30am.  Then on Wednesday, he couldn't get to sleep for nap or at night, and two of those nights, was up for two straight hours.  I have no idea what is going to happen when Heidi gets here because he still doesn't want Billy at night.  His eating is pretty good though. He's pretty consistent with what he eats.  Still a lot of fruit, loves noodles with parmesan, peanut butter, and some meats.  Still drinking only milk; no water for some reason.  Vegetables are easier now, as long as this cowboy figurine we found sings a song about carrots, avocado, etc.  Whatever works!  

He can count to ten, and sometimes twelve.  Most of the time, he skips the number one and nine.  But just in a month, he has changed so much!  Billy got him to do it, by inticing him with throwing him on our bed, which he loves!  I don't know why one and nine are consistently skipped though.  

This kid scares me, by what he is not afraid of! We were at a new park, and before I could realize what was happening, he scaled a climbing pole and got onto the playground that was much taller than me.  He's so fast!  The puddle jumper I bought him for the pool has been great!  Now, even as I see him darting toward the lazy river, I'm not quite as panicked. We have had so much fun at the pool this summer!

In less than two weeks, he starts a morning pre-school at our church two days a week.  He knows one teacher from the church nursery, so I don't think drop off is going to be hard for him at all.  His class is four boys, so they should keep their teachers busy!   For about a month and half, I'll have 6 kid-free hours too!

A few funnies:
Yesterday, I was shooting his ball at the basketball court with him and every time I missed, he said "nope!" and laughed.
I was cooking dinner and then noticed a naked little body hugging my legs! He can now take off his shirt, shorts and diaper - and those cloth diapers are not easy to get out of!
My mom sent him the 3 Little Pigs book and when we read it, he flips through all the pages to find the wolf.  He mostly says, "Wolf. Eat. Bad!"
He runs away when he realizes it's time to change his diaper or he'll tell me "no" when I ask him if it needs to be changed.  Ok, this is more frustrating than funny.
He knows that pirates say "arghhh" and always requests his pirate pajamas.  He also asks for the raccoon pajamas, which we gave to Lucas in the beginning of July. How does he remember?!
When he swings at the park, he always says, "Mommy, too?" 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

31 weeks

Countdown is now in the single digits in weeks.  I finally ordered a crib, and it arrived yesterday.  One thing down, 25 to go! We decided to keep Will in his crib, since he's still not a great sleeper, and this way, they'll both end up with full beds once the cribs convert.  The fed ex man isn't going to be happy with the rest of the ordering I plan on doing over the next few weeks!
See Will's little head getting into trouble in the background? Taking him to dr. appts is so fun.

It seems that I got so big all of the sudden!  Baby Heidi is pretty much full grown, and is just fattening up now.  You know I love a chunky baby and I hope she does not dissapoint!  I've been so hungry lately, I am sure she's getting enough to eat!

This pregnancy is different in some ways.  I have an outie belly button, which I never had with Will.  I started eating meat again a lot earlier.  The heartburn is minimal, in comparison to last time.  My lower back and what I think is my sciatic nerve hurts so bad, I have a hard time walking sometimes.

A mom of three boys was chatting with us at church today, and Billy was asking about having multiple children.  She sort of laughed and said that it really is a full time job for about six years.  What???  No.  I guess with all the tying shoes, meals, baths...until they can do it on their own, it can be consuming.  For some things though, I can already see it getting easier with Will now that he can(sort of) talk.  

So since I've barely done any documenting of this nine months, I just wanted to jot a few things down to remember!