Monday, October 6, 2014

38 weeks

Almost to the end! I finally feel pretty ready for what's ahead.  Mom gets here in a week and the nursery is pretty much complete.  Her glider that I ordered from Target took over a month to get here!  My midwife and the OB that I see will be at a conference in Grand Cayman the 14th-19th, so it's likely I'll end up with another OB from the practice, but that should be fine.  Some timing though!

The acid reflux is in full force now, which isn't so bad, because I had it much longer with Will.  Overall, I just feel huge and uncomfortable, which is par for the course.  Only a few tops fit me now, so my friends see me wear the same outfits over and over.  Speaking of friends, they pulled together an awesome breakfast to celebrate Baby Heidi a few weeks ago - and planned it while Will was in school.  I was really in awe, not really realizing I had met so many great friends in our nearly two years here.  

Another funny comment from a family with 3 kids at church: "We're not sure if things really fell apart after the second kid, or third."  Haha.  Again, so encouraging.  I imagine it will be crazy for a while, trying to wrangle Will for diaper changes, feeding Heidi and just getting out of the door some mornings.  But pretty much everyone figures it out, right?

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