Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Will is two!

Two years old! And he's going to be a big brother any day. We think back to two years ago...late at night, we finally agreed to go to the hospital during halftime of a Steelers vs. Bengals game.  Of course, since we were in Pittsburgh, we got to finish watching the game in the waiting roommate then the triage room.  After the win, Billy then started giving the birth of our first child his full attention. ;)

Sixteen hours later, our boy was born! Our life hasn't been the same since.  Not even close.  We keep wondering what we did with all our free time before Will!  I've been saying it for two years, but he really gets more fun all the time. 

He is now adjusted to being dropped off at school and knows that I will come get him each time.  It also makes the child watch rooms for MOPS and Bible Study easier.  He talks to his little friends, even if they don't talk back yet.  Most afternoons, we meet the same friend at the park, and they have a little routine of trading snacks, fighting over a ball and chasing each other.

Some things I want to remember about Will being two:
-A few weeks ago, he asked for ice cream for breakfast.  Obviously I said no.  A few minutes later, I went to the bathroom and found he had opened the freezer and was helping himself to an ice cream sandwich.
-I have a problem with not closing cabinet doors.  Billy has trained him to say "Close door, Mommy!" when he sees an open cabinet.
-He still loves puzzles, and can sit with 5 around him and put them all together at once.
-He is finally drinking water again!
-HUGE breakthrough with sleep.  I read on a local message board that some toddlers drink a bit of tart cherry juice before bed and it helps with their melatonin levels.  I made this juice into a popscicle and lo and behold, Will has been sleeping all night for more than 2 weeks.  This has never happened! Maybe a coincidence, but I will keep buying these $7 bottles of juice for now!
-He likes to share his snacks and food.
-His favorite toys are Little People, stickers and his kitchen/play food.

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