Monday, September 22, 2014

Will at 23 months

Not sure how another month went by so quickly!

Will is changing so much lately-mostly in his vocabulary.  We can have little conversations now, even if they are a little obscure.  I keep asking him who is in his class at preschool, and he keeps telling me "Owl!"  I have no idea what he is referring to.  He can string four words together now.  My favorite is "Daddy clean up mess!"  

The kid loves songs and requests them all day.  Mostly Wheels on the Bus, Yankee Doodle, Ring Arouns the Rosie and the "party song" aka Happy Birthday.  When he gets in his crib, he always asks for "song" and "back" which means he wants me to sing and rub his back.  I oblige, of course.  :)

His sleep is still erratic.  One backfire, that may change as he gets into more of a routine is his nap after school.  I assumed he would be exhausted and go right to sleep.  Nope.  His brain must still be turned on, because it is usually quite a task to get him down for a nap on those days.  Other days, are pretty easy.  We usually have something fun to do in the mornings, and are back home by lunch and start winding down.  I know I NEED his nap time to get rest too!

Another weird phase right now is fighting getting washed during bath time.  All we hear is "No soap! No soap! No soap!" So that's not easy.  Billy has been taking care of baths, and I'm the sideline cheerleader, trying to get him to calm down.

Eating is still pretty good.  Still on the milk kick, but he drank a cup of water at school last week, and a every watered down cup of Gatorade for me this weekend.  He loves pickles even for breakfast and has been chowing down on applesauce and oranges.  Now that he can talk, it does make things a little easier.  Until he requests a popscicle for breakfast.

He hates diaper changes.  It is a serious task to get him to lay down and be still.  Just getting him in his room and shutting the gate is a small victory for me.

He loves going to the park.  We still go just about every afternoon and some mornings too.  He likes to see other kids there and refers to them as "friends".  We have gotten him into watching football-mostly the Steelers of course, and he likes when we all put on our jerseys.  His favorite book right now is the 3 Little Pigs and when I ask what the wolf does, he says, "Eat piggies!"

He'll be TWO next month!  Sometimes he seems like such a big boy, but other times, still so little.  I'm up in the air about a party still, because I'm about to have this baby, and he wouldn't know the difference.  We have been practicing singing Happy Birthday though.  We'll celebrate of course because October is THE month for birthdays around here.  Maybe two of his little friends over for cake and balloons...we'll see in a couple weeks!

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